Hours after an international warning, North Korea fires an “unspecified” missile.

The South Korean military announced on Tuesday morning that North Korea had fired an “unspecified bullet” in sea Second test missile Pyongyang is leading it into the new year after it launched what it said was a hypersonic missile less than a week ago.

South Korean news agency “Yonhap” sued the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Seoul for saying in a text message to reporters that the bullet was launched from the east coast of the peninsula towards the sea, without immediately providing further details.

In Tokyo, the Japanese coast guard announced that it had detected the North Korean launch of a projectile “similar to a ballistic missile”.
This new test missile came hours after the United States, Britain, France, Japan, Ireland and Albania issued a joint statement calling on North Korea to “refrain from any new destabilizing activity.”

“We call on North Korea to refrain from any new destabilizing action, to abandon its weapons of mass destruction and banned ballistic missile programs and to commit in a constructive dialogue around our common goal of complete denuclearization, “said US Ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas Greenfield said, reading the joint statement The Korean Peninsula.

“These activities increase the risks of error and escalation and pose a serious threat to regional stability,” he added, stressing that “North Korea should now turn to dialogue and pace rather than its program of illegal weapons and threats. “

“Each missile launch serves not only to improve North Korea’s capabilities, but also to expand the range of weapons available for export to its customers and illegal arms dealers. in around the world, “he warned.
And last week, Pyongyang announced that on January 5 it had launched a missile carrying a “hypersonic gliding warhead” and “accurately hit a target at a distance of 700 km”.

It was the second test which North Korea claims to have conducted with a missile equipped with a hypersonic gliding warhead, a sophisticated weapon that represented the latest technological advance in the Stalinist regime’s arsenal.
Since Kim Jong-un came to power ten years ago, North Korea has rapidly developed its military technology. And hypersonic missiles are among the “top priorities” in Pyongyang’s five-year plan, announced the media state last year.

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