House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Announces Formal Impeachment Inquiry Against President Biden: McCarthy to Green Light Biden Impeachment Inquiry This Week

House Republicans and Freedom Caucus Dispute on Funding Package

Kevin McCarthy

The purpose of the call, held at 8 p.m., was to reach an agreement on a continuing resolution to extend government funding for an additional month. House Republican leadership and the Freedom Caucus have been engaged in a dispute regarding the contents of the funding package.

Interim Spending Bill and Border/Immigration-related Expenditures

Expected to be valid for 31 days, the interim spending bill is anticipated to renew current funding while incorporating additional spending on border and immigration-related matters. The House aims to vote on it on Thursday.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s Formal Impeachment Inquiry against President Biden

The continuing resolution will also allocate funding for veterans and military expenditures at current levels, along with a 1% reduction from fiscal year 2023 discretionary spending levels. House Republicans are hoping to pass their defense spending bill during this week.

Defense Spending Bill and House Resolution 2 (HR 2)

The defense spending bill will be combined with House Resolution 2 (HR 2), a proposal that seeks to restrict asylum provisions and enhance border security measures.

Exclusion of Additional Disaster Relief Funding for Ukraine

It is worth noting that the defense bill does not include supplementary funding for disaster relief in Ukraine, despite the White House’s request for it.

Government Open and Border Security

“Congress must ensure the government remains operational and the border is secured,” states a released statement. “That’s why we collaborated with leaders from the House Freedom Caucus to introduce a 31-day continuing resolution that focuses solely on addressing the crisis at our southern border.”

The statement also acknowledges the contributions made by the Republican Main Street Caucus, House Freedom Caucus, and a diverse range of other Republican conference members.

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