Houthi militia attack Qena port in Shabwa

A drone belonging to the Houthi terrorist militia attacked an oil port in the oil-rich Shabwa governorate southwest of Yemen yesterday.

Shabwa Governorate.

Local and military sources told Al-Madina that the criminal Houthi militia targeted an oil tanker from abroad designated to supply power plants in the governorate.

Sources said the attack resulted in no human casualties, except that two people were slightly injured, who were relocated in a governorate hospital to be treated, explaining that the targeting of civilian objects in the service of citizens by the Houthi militia is a criminal act that contravenes internationally laws that prohibit targeting such places.

Last month, the Houthi coup militia targeted the oil port of Dabba in Hadramout, southern Yemen, and the port of Al-Nashima in Shabwa with drones.