Houthi urges a kidnapped artist’s lawyer to leave her

Yemeni human rights sources announced today, Thursday, that die Houthi militias put great pressure on the lawyer of the kidnapped artist Intisar Al Hammadi in have exercised their prisons, abandoning their plea and defending them, facing a file of trumped-up charges against them.

The sources confirmed that the Sana’a capital secretariat, under the control of the Houthis, arbitrarily suspended lawyer Khaled Al-Kamal from work in an attempt to force him to abandon the case of Intisar Al-Hammadi.

The SAM Organization for Rights and Freedoms condemned die Lawyer Khaled Al-Kamal is dismissed from work without committing any wrongdoing.

Houthi urges a kidnapped artist’s lawyer to leave her

A photo of lawyer Khaled Al-Kamal circulating

The organization shared in a statement on Thursday with that die Decision to suspend Kamal from work following a recent visit by his client Intisar al-Hammadi to the central prison in Accompaniment of a delegation of well-known personalities was taken to die Conditions of detention in this prison controlled by the Houthis.

The explanation referred to die Publication of the testimony of some detainees about die Compulsive acts of the imprisoned women die Houthi militias as a result of this visit.

The lawyer said in a statement released by the organization: “Today I went to work in of the Sana’a Congregation and was surprised to find out about human resources on the 26th. “

He added: “It is clear that the fall of Intisar Al Hammadi was the cause of this matter. Reichen die Threats I face about the case? “

“Sam” confirmed that himself die The lawyer’s suspension from work overlaps with the range of threats, die he and some of the personalities die visited the central prison and posted what die Prisoners over die Violations committed against them by the Houthi group said what die This militia proves intent to silence every voice die die Violations against female inmates in would uncover their prisons.

She pointed out that “die The tendency towards extortion methods is against the law and is an unethical practice for the lawyer to deviate from his legal duties to defend detainees regardless of their affiliation ”.

Public figures including parliamentarians, judges, journalists and activists had die Artist Al Hammadi in of her detention and they quoted her as saying, die Criminal investigations by the Houthi had asked some of the prisoners to “go to a legalized prostitution cell, an organized spy network and go in a couple of brothels to set up surveillance cameras and engage in prostitution with some opponents. “Politicians.” When they refused, he slandered them.

Actress Intisar Al Hammadi

Actress Intisar Al Hammadi

The Houthi militia kidnapped Intisar al-Hammadi and her colleagues in a public street last February without charge in the area of ​​Haddah (Central Sanaa) and stayed in hidden in militia prisons until their obfuscation became a widespread issue of public opinion.

Born in 2001 to a Yemeni father and Ethiopian mother, Al-Hammadi is known for her advancement of Yemeni fashion and for her distinctive artistic roles, die reflect her promising acting talent, most recently her participation in the series “Sad Al-Gharib” and “Ghorbat Al-Ban” during the last Ramadan.

International and local human rights organizations say that at least 300 Yemeni women and girls, including human rights activists and aid workers, have been around for months and years in secret and public prisons, die associated with the Houthis languish.

According to reports, were die subjected abducted women to physical and emotional abuse, including sexual torture, die War crimes.

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