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How can bitcoin be compared with the internet?


Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has a unique concept. First of all, if we discuss the meaning of cryptocurrency, crypto means the digital form of something that helps users earn money, and currency is a mode of payment. Bitcoin was announced in the year 2008, and it was launched in the year 2009 by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto. The identity of this person is anonymous.

When bitcoin was launched in 2009, at that time, the price of bitcoin was significantly less, and if we see it quantitatively, the cost of a single bitcoin was a few dollars. But later, with digitalization and development, bitcoin started to gain popularity. With time, as the number of users increased, the bitcoin prices also increased simultaneously. Even the other cryptocurrencies were also formed by copying the data of the bitcoin. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, visit https://bitcoins-union.com/.

When was bitcoin launched?

The whole concept of cryptocurrency was initiated with Bitcoin. Bitcoin was announced in the year 2008 and was launched in 2009 by the person given Satoshi Nakamoto’s name by fans.

No one knows even this, and Satoshi Nakamoto is a person or is a group of persons who have launched the cryptocurrency software. Bitcoin is a unique concept that almost all people initially rejected. Later on, when it created its existence in the market, the number of users increased along with the prices.

Bitcoin helps its users earn money very quickly by investing in it. Even if the person cannot invest in cryptocurrencies, we can make money by working as cryptocurrency miners. As the reward of cryptocurrency mining is sufficient, the person can manage personal expenses.

What is the history of the internet?

  • There is no need to discuss what the internet is as each person uses the internet, and even the internet has become an essential part of a person’s life. Each and everything is controlled with the help of the internet nowadays.
  • Many people are using the cryptocurrency platform using the internet. They are using various social media like that with the help of the internet, so the internet has become the basic need nowadays for the person.
  • The Internet was launched in 1983, and there were very few people who were using this platform as they thought that they did not need to use the internet. But after the year 2000, there was an increase in the number of users, but after 2010 there was a sudden boom of the users as they got aware that the internet has lots of benefits with it. And if you talk about today’s time, each and everything is entirely based upon the internet.

How are bitcoin and the internet related?

We can consider that Bitcoin and the internet have almost the same history as the things that have happened to the internet are happening with the Bitcoin platform in today’s time. For example, when the internet was launched, very few people had faith in them, and the same happened when Bitcoin was launched.

  • In 2000 there was just one percent of the population who were using the internet. But later on with the time as it has gained its existence the internet has been used by more than 90% of the people nowadays.
  • Now, if we talk about the Bitcoin platform in today’s time, Bitcoin has been used by just one or two percent of the population, and in the future, almost all users like the internet will be using this platform. Bitcoin is a great platform that, in a concise period, a person can earn money from it, and the skills required to him are just that he has to be updated with news.


So that we can say that Bitcoin is just like the internet; after the internet release, one or two percent of the population was using this platform but later on with the time now. Nevertheless, almost all of the users have accepted it.

Bitcoin launched about 10 to 12 years ago, and only one to two percent of the population is using it. However, after years, it will be widely accepted by almost all people of the countries. It will become a daily part of the life of the people.


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