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How can you learn a language through Podcasts

Podcasts are fantastic educational tools. Even though they are frequently accessible, podcasts can be a helpful resource that you can use to review the subjunctive or hear the news in the language you are learning while you are commuting or exercising on the treadmill.

The beautiful thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere, but it’s only sometimes optimal, just passively, to consume content. It’s entirely up to you how you choose to utilize podcasts, whether it’s to brush up on your language abilities or learn new vocabulary and grammar. However, here are some pointers to get you started.

Focus On Learning Podcasts

You can study with two different podcast types: those about the language you’re learning and those recorded in it. If you’re just getting started, choose the latter. Yes, moving on to more challenging material can be tempting, especially with many excellent shows in different languages.

But, for now, stick with podcasts that speak your new language slowly, offer grammatical and vocabulary pointers, and even occasionally use English.

In contrast to purchasing a complete course, podcasts allow you to pick and choose the classes that are most useful to you. You can find a podcast lesson that will instruct you on any topic. For instance, check out this excellent list of podcasts that teach Spanish if you are interested in learning and speaking Spanish at your convenience.

Find The Right Speed

The ability to speed up and slow down the audio is available on several podcast apps. This is a valuable tool for learning because the speed at which native speakers can communicate is one of the most challenging aspects of language learning.

You can alter the speed with podcasts and make things move more slowly. You may speed up or slow down the audio in several podcasting programs. Before you listen at a normal speed, it will assist you in catching what you missed and understanding everything.

If you like, you can make it go faster. After you’ve listened to the audio a few times, you can speed it up if you want a challenge.

Making notes

Do you ever note the quotes you enjoy from a book you’ve read? The same might apply to podcasts! Note any catchy phrases or practical grammar you want to remember. You may even record the complete sentences you liked!

The development of your words typically determines your level as a language student.

As you pick up different words, your fluency level rises. Grammar is helpful, but the vocabulary is always the most crucial factor. Speaking with natives will be much more confident if you know more words.

Increase your vocabulary by tuning in to a language podcast. It also helps you understand the various grammar principles and demonstrates how to construct effective phrases in that language.

Repeat Your Podcast Episodes

Listen to your episodes again after a few days, weeks, or months have passed. About 80% of what we learn can be forgotten because we have a tendency to forget things.

In order to remember everything you want to, it’s a good idea to go back and listen to the episode again. It will become much more apparent to you!

Look For Transcripts

This can vary from podcast to podcast, but it will be a huge time saver if you can identify programs that publish complete transcripts. If you struggle to understand what someone is saying, you can refer to it and read along while you listen.

Although both written and audio versions may make it seem more like reading than listening to a podcast.

If you simultaneously listen to the audio and read the transcripts.

In that situation, your total language abilities will undoubtedly improve. You can pronounce and use the words correctly once you have read them.

Look for Additional Resources to Support Your Learning

Look for resources that can bridge the gaps left by podcasts. For instance, podcasts are primarily audio. Therefore, you should seek out written materials in the language you’re studying.

They also don’t provide feedback on your learning, so you should go elsewhere.

Usually, you listen to podcasts alone, but what if you and a friend or friends shared your favorite episode? Who understands a concept better, you or your friend?

You can discuss new words, clarify terms, and assist your friend in picking up new words. Your friend can assist you and spend quality time listening to podcasts together.

How to Speak and Pronounce More Properly

– Listen, Pause, and Repeat: Listen to one line, pause the audio, and repeat the speaker’s words verbatim. Copy the tone and the way the speaker pronounces each word.

– Shadowing: Continue listening to the audio and speaking along with the speaker without pausing the episode. Copy the voices of the speakers. It’s wonderful to get better at pronunciation and fluency!

– Listen, Repeat, Record Compare: After listening to a brief segment of the podcast, repeat what the speaker says. Then record yourself speaking it in the speaker’s voice. Compare your recording to the original. This a fantastic technique to improve both your listening and speaking skills!

– Record yourself: Assume you have a podcast of your own. Take a recording of yourself describing your breakfast or weekend activities.

– Speak aloud to yourself as you discuss the podcast you just listened to or an episode you particularly enjoyed. The phrases or words can be spoken aloud, and you can also build sentences using some of the words from the audio.


For language learners of all levels, podcasts may be a fantastic resource. They are a substitute for a language instructor, and they can be a great addition in the meantime. When it comes to learning languages, podcast listening is the closest thing to it when combined with speaking exercises and consistent exposure to your target language.

Also, podcasts are quickly transitioning and taking over the fashion and music industry. Industry-leading personalities treat listeners with exciting stories about individual artists’ journeys and trends in the fashion world. To know more about such podcasts, check out our 5 Essential Podcasts to Listen to About Fashion and Style, which can be a great addition to your free time routine.


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