How did Ancelotti receive his first defeat against Real Madrid?

Madrid – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti refused to cry over spilled milk, after the break in the unbeaten series, swallowing the bitterness of the first defeat since the beginning of the season, Tuesday night against Leipzig, which brought them together at the Red Bull Arena and ended with the 3-1 victory of the Bundesliga representative, for the fifth leg of the European Champions League. The two-eared cup holder has been stationary for 11 Spanish league games, in addition to 4 in campaign to defend the fans’ favorite title, and was preceded by a victory over Eintracht Frankfurt in championship opening, in Europa Super Cup, before the date of the first autumn of this season arrives The hand of Timo Werner and his companions in the stronghold of global energy drinks. In response to a question about his feelings and what he has in mind after suffering the first defeat of this season, the Italian coach told reporters: “I said sooner or later … defeat will come, and that’s what happened today, but sometimes we learn more from defeats than from 10 “. The victories in a row, it is true that the defeats seem painful, but the important thing is that we have an advantage to stay in head to the group. On the other hand, he was asked what his interpretation of the defeat was and his response was: “I don’t think we played the game. in relaxed way, it was just that we weren’t in our best condition and we lost focus on some small details, like counter-attacks and set pieces, but in overall I will not let the players blame, we got injured and after being two goals in disadvantage, we managed to recover the result and we were close to scoring the winning goal, before scoring the third goal ”. It should be noted that despite the defeat of Real in this match, and the previous draw against Shakhtar Donetsk, with one goal at all, still holds its place in lead Group F with 10 points, one point ahead of Leipzig and 4 points from the Ukrainian side, while Celtic are in the bottom The Scotsman is in last place with just two points.