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How did Salah get the shock of losing the Ballon d’Or?


London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The friend of the star Egyptian, Mohamed Salah, answered questions from fans about the feelings of the Reds sniper and what he in mind, after his great dream has vanished, to obtain the “Golden Ball”, which was crowned by the legend Lionel Messi for the seventh time in his professional career., at the party of the magazine “France Football”, which is was hosted by the Chatelet Theater in the last hours of Monday. The Aston Villa wing and one of Abu Salah’s closest colleagues in the Land of Fog, Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet, said that his countryman believed and considered himself the most suitable win the most important individual award in the world, in a televised intervention, during which he revealed the pharaoh’s reaction and what he felt after losing the “round of the ball”. He added: “Sad that Messi won the Ballon d’Or, and I was hoping that Salah would win it, not because he is Egyptian, but because of his diligence and his great level, and we consider him the best in the world and so he will remain. does Salah think now? ” I know he is very sad now, but I tell him that you are the best, my friend, and you will win it soon. “He concluded his speech. in this context, “Salah believed he deserved a reward for his great effort, but he is sure that his effort will not be in vain”, in a clear reference to his friend’s confidence in realizing his dream one day, to get the “Golden Ball”, as the first Arab player in history, who embraces him, and second African after the current president of Liberia, George Weah. Salah was one of the names nominated to compete vigorously for the “Balloon Role” award, for his late awakening with Liverpool, which has brought his contribution to 24 goals since the start of the new season, with 17 goals since his signing as well as 7 assists from his participation in 18 Premier League and Champions League matches, but eventually woke up with the shock of his exit from the roster, occupying seventh place on the best list, having garnered 121 votes , hundreds of votes in front of the flea, which collected 613 votes. Many football celebrities in Egypt believe that Abu Makkah has been subjected to grave injustices, due to his exclusion from the top three places on the list, including international Ahmed Hossam Mido, who claimed in his program broadcast on the satellite channel “Al-Mehwar”, that “Messi didn’t deserve the award, and Salah deserved at least fourth place.”

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