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How do you create a non-hackable password?


It can be easy to crack the most unique password if a program is used for computer specializes in cracking passwords, so you need to know how to create secure passwords for your accounts, which may be impossible to crack by computer more complex and could take centuries.

Security.org, specialized in security settings, indicated that adding an uppercase letter to the password can significantly change its effectiveness, as the site explained that if an uppercase letter is added to the eight-character password, it can be decrypted in 22 minutes instead, which broke it instantly in a second – a 1,000% increase, according to what Al Arabiya saw.net.

Although the time factor is still small, to further double the security, the site recommends using at least one capital letter and one number, which increases the security of the password by eight characters until it takes an hour to crack it.

If you add another code, it will take eight hours.

To make the password really secure, you can add more characters or more than an uppercase letter, number or symbol.

To create an indestructible password, it must be no less than 12 characters and include an uppercase letter, a number, and at least one symbol, as the site has estimated that it would take 34,000 years to crack by malicious computer programs.

The German data company Statista explained that when we use more types of characters, the potential combinations that make up the password increase. in exponential way.

The site explained that spyware and hacking programs make equations according to the so-called system of permutations and combinations, and in the case in which is created a password consisting of 8 lowercase letters, out of 26 characters – the number of English letters, the eight is raised to the power of 26 and the result is 209 billion possible combinations, and if an uppercase letter is used, the exponent increases to 52, so the odds rise to 53.5 trillion possible password combinations, which the program looks for within.

With numbers from zero at 9, the exponent of the equation increases to 62, so the number of possible combinations increases to 218 trillion.

Symbols add another great security potential, but as the small number displayed on the keyboards of the computer widely used known as “QWERTY” is convenient to use, this increases the number of combinations from about 8 to 90 or 430 trillion potential combinations.

The keyboards of the computer used are called “QWERTY”, because they are the first 6 characters written in order in top left of the keyboard.

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