How does the body adapt to weather changes?

Ekaterina Demyanovskaya, a neurologist, told what to do for people who have a sharp rise or fall in temperature.

In an interview with the Izvestia newspaper, the specialist told what needs to be done to mitigate the body’s negative reactions to weather changes.

She adds that the hypersensitivity is caused by a defect in the autonomic nervous system. They provide adaptation of the body to constantly changing environmental factors. In urban areas, temperature differences are less noticeable, so people’s adaptation to weather changes is poor.

“Usually a change in the weather is accompanied by rapid changes in the production of hormones in the body, the content of platelets in the blood, blood clotting, enzyme activity,” she says. “This is a kind of protective reaction to adverse environmental conditions. But in people with chronic diseases, this process is slowed down, or does not occur, or proceeds excessively.

According to her, the change of weather is especially affected by patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases, psycho-emotional disorders, bronchial diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases of the joints and spine. Therefore, in order to weaken the influence of weather conditions on the body, it is necessary, first of all, to seek a complete cure for chronic diseases.
She says: “In the event of an unfavorable weather forecast, as well as to correct for manifestations of allergies that have occurred before, emergency precautions should be taken against these changes. For example, if it gets colder outside, the so-called distraction therapy is effective. : hot foot baths, contrast showers and physical exercises. Before the onset of a period of intense warming, physical exercises are recommended that help saturate the body with oxygen: running, walking, aerobic exercise in the fresh air.

And he adds that at home, it is necessary to work to increase the body’s resistance, follow a healthy balanced diet, adhere to the system of work and rest, pay sufficient attention to physical activity, be sure to be in the fresh air.

Source: Izvestia newspaper.