How far will Ronaldo go?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s first game with his old new team, Manchester United, against Newcastle in the fourth round of the English Premier League, caused a sensation on the media British and international, and detonated the social after launching his comeback by scoring two of four goals, and brought back a global spherical phenomenon, some believed he was nearing the end as he gets older, but in reality grows more in the eyes of football lovers, and rejuvenates every time he faces a new challenge with the same determination, determination, fitness, skill and sense of goal, which are the ingredients that have allowed him to shine in Real Madrid and in Juve for years, and allowed him to return to the Dreams stage to fulfill other dreams in Man United twelve years after his departure in 2009, not to end his career in Germany, but to resurrect him again without any regard for the age factor, which has become just a number as long as the heart has a beat and in the mind and body The same Ahead of Newcastle at Old Trafford, Ronaldo was not satisfied with doing Media “show” at the inauguration of his comeback, but he decorated him with two goals he scored for his team, getting praised by the whole world and talking about his success comeback, then another goal in opening. H the Champions League against Swiss Young Boys, despite the defeat that did not prevent followers from praising him, to quickly enter the atmosphere of Germany, Premier League and Champions League without the need for a period of adaptation and harmony with his new colleagues , underlining his mental, physical and technical strength that qualifies him to reconstruct the history of the team that opened the doors of fame to him eighteen years ago, and to continue the hobby of scoring goals and winning individual and collective titles for at least two seasons with Manchester United, and perhaps more because it does not seem that it will decrease or stop before 40. Especially with the many games and injuries and the high intensity and level of competitions, but with Ronaldo it seems that the opposite is happening, both at level of the national team of which he became the historic top scorer, both at the level of club he played for in presence of big stars who have continued to compete for titles, individual awards and record who has beaten every day, not only thanks to his skills and his sense of goal, but thanks to his passion and discipline in training and his dedication in matches, and thanks to his personal and family lifestyle stable despite an adventurer. stemmed from his overwhelming stardom, but was always above the football fields as a symbol of perseverance and insistence on excellence and brilliance always, even when he felt that Juve no longer suited him and fulfilled his ambitions, he insisted on set off for a stronger, better and more exciting league to confirm he hasn’t finished, and is still hungry and thirsty and wants more. Going from Real to Juve was an adventure in the eyes of many, and returning to Manchester United was considered by some to be crazy because the man has reached a very advanced age, and the ball in England is faster and stronger, and there are rising generation stars that keep him from shining again, and make him a regular player who can’t be against their competition, but what happened was outstanding, in how the number seven jersey has become the best-selling in a short time, and has become its owner on every language and on prime pages of all international newspapers, stole the lights from Pogba, Rashford and Bruno Fernandes, and made the union of Rafael Varane and Jadon Sancho only two ordinary deals Despite the money spent on them of over 130 million euros, compared to 30 million of the Ronaldo deal, which supported the team’s treasury with financial revenues of over 100 million in a matter of days, and brought Manchester United back to the local and European front that suits him. Goalkeepers like Gigi Buffon, for example, defenders like Pepe and some midfielders like Modric, and forwards like Ibrahimovic, were exceptions by continuing to play at a high level, but those who steal the spotlight like Ronaldo shine and create the event and raise the challenges to the periphery of the forty are few, it repeats itself every time, so it is classified in the category of global spherical phenomena such as Pele, Maradona and Messi. Algerian journalist

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