How Grant Morrison led the star MCU in the world of GI Joe

Either way, Shang-Chi may very well be the most dangerous man in the Marvel Universe. Although he was once simply known as the “Master of Kung Fu “, is an almost unparalleled expert in numerous different martial arts disciplines, and he used that knowledge to train several Marvel heroes. Even if he doesn’t have superpowers to talk of, Shang-Chi regularly defeats superhumans opponents with enough skill to impress someone of The gods of Marvel.

As revealed in a story by Grant Morrison, Steve Yeowell, Richard Starkings and Steve White in 1987’s Force of action # 17, Shang-Chi is also one of the most dangerous heroes in the widest world of GI Joe’s multiverse, according to heroic Quick kick.

Like Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, Quick Kick is one of several martial arts experts from the pop culture giant of the 1980s GI Joe: a true American hero. Outside of the United States, this GI Joe has been renamed as the least chauvinist Force of action. Despite GI Joe And Force of action they were apparently more or less the same characters, there were several significant and tangible differences between the two continuities.

In the United Kingdom Force of action comics, reprints of American GI Joe the stories were supplemented by original stories and reprints of other Marvel comics, including Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu. Just before the reprints of The Adventures of Shang-Chi joined the comic, Force of actionQuick Kick reminded Shang-Chi in a story that introduces and advertises up Marvel’s martial arts master.

While mentally preparing to drill six solid thumbs of oak wood, think Quick Kick back to Shang-Chi’s advice to overcome his mental limitations. It tells the origin of Shang-Chi as the heroic son of an evil mind and names some key members of his supporting cast, namely crime fighter Denis Naylan Smith, mercenary Black Jack Tarr and spy Clive Reston. Long last. Quick Kick follows Shang-Chi’s advice and breaks the wood in front of he with a single strike.

In his monologue, Quick Kick says that Shang-Chi is a better martial artist than other Marvel heavyweights like Iron fist, Elektra and Batroc the jumper.

while both GI Joe And Force of action were released by Marvel in the 1980s, this one story marks a rare intersection between their two worlds. Spider-Man and the other New Avengers have both teamed up up with GI Joe’s frequent crossover partners of The Transformers, but those of Marvel characters I have never had any significant direct interactions with the Joes themselves

Even if this story is exclusive to Force of action continuity, it still stands as the strongest direct bridge between the worlds of GI Joe and the Marvel Universe. while this story May just be a footnote in the history of Force of action and a minor one for GI Joe, is still a testament to the commercial attractiveness of Shang-Chi, long before its Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. Although he has no powers, Shang-Chi was strong enough to break down the walls of reality and unite two worlds with his bare hands.

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