How has the performance of the Abu Dhabi market been affected by the losses of the Adani Group?

Financial markets expert, Muhammad Ali Yassin, said that the Abu Dhabi market is influenced by two main factors, registering the worst performance since the start of the year.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya, Yassin added that the first influencing factor was the results of the big companies, which fell short of expectations.

He specifies that the second factor represented the losses of the Adani Group after the report of the Hindenburg Research Company, which hit investors’ concerns in the light of the announcement of the International Holding Group about 4 months ago, an investment of two billion dollars with the Adani Group.

He continued, “Questions about Al Alamiah Holding Company will increase. These declines in Adani Group will affect the budget of subsidiaries in the first quarter, especially since subsidiaries depend a lot of their profits on the valuation of their investments at market value? “

And Yassin said Adani Group shares fell $50 billion last week, which will impact the parent company and subsidiaries of Al Alamiah Holding.

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