How Healthy Sleep Can Reduce the Risk of Post-COVID Syndrome by a Third

Healthy Sleep Reduces Risk of Post-COVID Syndrome by a Third

The importance of healthy sleep has once again been highlighted in a recent study that found a link between good sleep patterns and a reduced risk of post-COVID syndrome. According to the research, a good night’s sleep can reduce the risk of post-COVID syndrome by up to 28%.

Sleep Disturbances and Immune System Disorders

The scientists behind the study believe that sleep disturbances can often be accompanied by the development and strengthening of foci of chronic inflammation and other disorders in the immune system. This, in turn, can increase the risk of post-COVID syndrome.

US Doctors Study the Link Between Sleep and Post-COVID Syndrome

A group of American doctors, led by researcher Van Sieven from Harvard University, analyzed data collected by the NHS-II surveillance program to investigate the link between sleep and post-COVID syndrome. Their findings showed that healthcare workers who had good sleep patterns before and during the pandemic were up to 28% less likely to develop post-COVID syndrome.

Post-COVID Syndrome and Chronic Health Issues

Post-COVID syndrome is a condition that affects many people infected with the coronavirus. Its symptoms can include chronic fatigue, hair loss, shortness of breath, and the exacerbation of many chronic diseases. The activity of the immune system is believed to play a major role in the development of this condition.

The Importance of Good Sleep for Immune System Health

Aside from the link to post-COVID syndrome, good sleep is also known to be important for maintaining a healthy immune system. Scientists believe that sleep disturbances negatively affect the work of intestinal bacteria, which can have a negative impact on the regulation of immune system activity.

Source: TASS

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