How Jurgen Klopp Shaped Robert Lewandowski’s Career: Insights from the Polish Striker

Robert Lewandowski Surprises Jurgen Klopp with an Exciting Statement

Polish striker Robert Lewandowski, the current Barcelona player and former Bayern Munich player, surprised German coach Jurgen Klopp with exciting statements.

The Barca striker spoke about the role of his former coach Jurgen Klopp in his career. It is worth noting that Leiva trained under the veteran German coach, who took care of him and made him among the best emerging players in Europe when he was a player in the ranks of Borussia Dortmund.

Lewandowski: Klopp is the Teacher Who Did Not Make Your Life Easy

The Polish striker spoke about Klopp’s difficult role in his career in statements reported by an international newspaper, saying: “Klopp was not just a father, he was like a bad teacher, and here I mean the good meaning of the word.”

He continued: “If you think about when you were in school, which teacher do you remember most? You will find a teacher who did not make your life easy, but rather one who was cruel, who pressured you and did everything to get the best out of you. This is how Jurgen Klopp was.”

He added: “He would get angry when he saw students from the second category. He always wanted all the students from the first category, and he did not do that for himself, but for us. He taught me a lot. When I moved to Dortmund, I wanted to do everything quickly. He advised me to calm down, thanks to him. I scored more goals.”

Lewandowski surprises Jurgen Klopp with an exciting statement

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