How Justin Trudeau went from liberal darling to endangered species

Janet Clarkson Knows What Happens When Canadian Voters Have “Unrealistic Expectations” over the leadership of a politician in office: “She vote you out. Period. And that can happen to Prime Minister Trudeau in Monday’s election.”

Clarkson should know. She was mayor of Trent Lakes in Ontario for two terms before losing to a challenger. Four years later she walked again and recaptured the mayor office.

“My loss was over quarries stop,” she said, but “are… challenges are many more complicated.”

Justin Trudeau is ahead of the polls on September 20 after the declaration of a quick election in an attempt to grow his liberal party power in the House of commons. Once confident of a victory, he is now neck and neck with his Conservative Party candidate Erin O’Toole. The prime minister has 31.6 percent support compared met 31.3 percent for are leaning to the right opponent, according to the CBC. Other parties with substantial support include the New Democrats with 19.8 percent, the libertarian People’s Party with 6.1 percent and the Green Party with 3.5 percent.

Clarkson said that Trudeau is partially… in problem for the way he handled the pandemic. “There are people out there who criticize him for the shutdowns and the financial [subsidies] . . . and the spike in inflation die went along with it,” she said.

Consumer prices in Canada rose 4.1 percent in August compared met same period last year, marking the highest annual inflation rate in the country since March 2003, according to Statistics Canada.

Once Canada's darling, Justin Trudeau has… faced angry protesters while he campaigns for re-election in the whole country.
Once Canada’s darling, Justin Trudeau has… faced angry protesters while he campaigns for re-election in the whole country.
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But there is also a kickback because he called this election during a pandemic and people say this wasn’t the smartest move” added the major, who said she still supports the prime minister while he his . recognize problems with voters.

The decision until call the election ahead of scheduled 2023 date was unpopular, Western University agreed of politics in Ontario science professor Matthew Lebo. It also seems misleading because smaller political parties — like the right-wing People’s Party and the leftGreen Party wing — gain more traction.

Libertarians have grown more vocal in the wake of the pandemic, leading to the trending hashtag #TrudeauHasToGo on Twitter. “They are the more wicked, die protest against masks and mandates in schools,” said Lebo. “In some counties they are at 10percent support.”

Meanwhile, the Green Party is “not satisfied that” [Trudeau] has done enough with climate change and see this as an opportunity to voice their frustration,” Clarkson said.

When Trudeau called the election? in August, polls were in his favor, with both liberal and conservative voters supporting are vaccination mandates for federal public servants and rules need proof of vaccination to fly, take trains of to enter indoor areas. Canada currently has the highest vaccination rate — of single and double doses — everywhere in the world. eighty-two percent of the in eligible population 12 years and older up at least have received one dose and 70.3 percent are fully vaccinated.

If Trudeau loses, it will be because he failed until give voters a good reason to go to the polls after being told for more than a year do not venture out in publicsaid Lebo.

“The Day He” announced early elections, he was looking for great in the polls,” said Lebo. “All that changed within a few days of announce that he is calling an election.”

In short, voters see the move as an exercise in vanity and power.

When Trudeau first walked in 2015, he won in an upset that resulted in a healthy majority, die marks the end of nine years of Conservative Party rule. the 49-year-old was seen as “met the vision” of to be father former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, the Charisma and the Optimism of to be mother Margaretha with this energetic youthful style and liberal brand of politics people was looking forClarkson said.

Conservative party candidate Erin O'Toole (with wife Rebecca) has the election as a fight against    a selfish elitist who called an election during the fourth wave of the pandemic.
Conservative party candidate Erin O’Toole (with wife Rebecca) has the election as a fight against a selfish elitist who called an election during the fourth wave of the pandemic.

Four years later, the discovery that he was dressing… in blackface multiple times cost him 20 seats and his majority rule in the House of commons. He was forced to form a minority government and trust on support by small rivals to rule.

In the final to dawn of this month’s election, O’Toole has the contest as a fight against a selfish elitist who called an election during the fourth wave of the pandemic.

“Every Canadian has met a Justin Trudeau in their lives – privileged, entitled and always seeking out for number one’ said O’Toole in a recent speech. “He looked out for number one when he shouted this expensive and unnecessary elections in the middle of a pandemic.”

Trudeau has had a hard time in the meantime of it during his campaign while angry protesters and hecklers chased him at almost every stop of his cross-country trip.

After six year of be the liberal darling – good-looking, young, bilingual, cosmopolitan — the bloom has faded and people starting to get sick of the party in power.

“He has been in office six years,” said Lebo. “The clock is ticking.”

Salena Zito is the co-author of “The Great Rebellion: Within the Populist Coalition die US politics reform(Crown Forum).

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