How long has Zion Williams been out? Injury calendar, return date, latest updates on ancient Pelicans

The Pelicans will have to wait a bit longer for the NBA debut for Zion Williams.

Williams lost New Orleans’ last game against the Nicks, but his injury proved a little more than a “right knee” injury. The No. 1 overall pick is expected to lose several weeks following an arthroscopic procedure the day before the Pelicans’ season opener against the Raptors.

It’s a disappointing development as Williamson had 23.3 points, 6.5 rebounds, 2.3 assists and 1.5 steals in four games, but New Orleans will not have a chance with the Zion’s knee. The 19-year-old is the future of the franchise, so the Pels have the right to be patient and give him time to fully recover.

What will the former Duke star do? Here is all we know about Williamson’s injury and the latest news on when he may return to court.

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How long will Zion Williams come out?

After arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn lateral meniscus, it is estimated that Williamson is six to eight weeks old, per team statement. Using the NBA’s Open Night (October 22) as a starting point, Williamson should remain vacant until at least December 3. A full eight weeks will push the date back to December 17th.

If Williamson is ready to play with the earlier estimate, he will lose 20 games and be available for the Pelicans’ matchup with the Mavericks on December 3. However, New Griffin, executive vice president of basketball operations David Griffin, said on November 22. that Williamson is unlikely to return to the team soon.

“Right now, I think we’re on target for eight weeks,” Griffin said during a radio interview with ESPN in New Orleans. “Probably not the day, but in and around it.”

Possible return date
The opponent of the pelicans
December 3
against the Mavericks
December 5th
vs. Suns
December 7th
at the Mavericks
December 9th
vs. Pistons
December 11th
at Bucks
December 13th
in the 76ers
December 15th
vs. Magic
December 17th
vs. Nets

Zion Williamson Injury Schedule

The Pelicans could not determine the exact moment Williamson injured his knee, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic, but coach Alvin Gentry suggested the injury could have occurred during a preseason match on Oct. 13 against of the Spurs. Williamson informed the Pelicans on Oct. 16 that he felt a knee tightening – there was no pain or swelling – and a precautionary MRI Oct. 17 revealed a torn meniscus.

Given the rare combination of size (6-6, 284 kg) and sport, questions immediately arose about Williamson’s ability to stay healthy and maintain his weight throughout his career. He also suffered a right knee injury while at Duke, displaying only the noise of one of the most exciting athletes in basketball history.

Griffin expressed his concerns on October 22, saying Williamson was “in an elite state and remains in an elite state” and believed he was injured because he was “asinine” in bad shape.

“It can be 274 pounds with 8.5 percent body fat and it can be 280 pounds with 9 percent body fat,” said Griffin (via ESPN’s Andrew Lopez). “As we’ve gone through the process for our medical team, learning how to keep him poor and giving him the density and stability and control he needs to handle all that torque he creates, usually that means you will do things for to strengthen areas.

“In this case, it gains muscle mass so fast and it gains weight so fast, no one has ever dealt with anyone like him. It’s 19 years old and it’s going to be a learning experience for all of us. “

Griffin added that New Orleans is “extremely optimistic”. Williamson will play like his old self when fully recovered.

Zion Williamson Injury Updates

– Official information from the pelicans:

– Williamson has knee surgery, 6-8 weeks

– Williamson misses “weeks” to start the season, the report says

– Williamson (knee) out for the final game of the fight before the Knicks