How long is Ilya Mikheyev out? Injury schedule, return date, latest Toronto Maple Leafs champion updates

The Toronto Maple Leafs will be without freshman forward Ilya Mikheyev for at least three months while recovering from surgery to repair an artery and tendons that were cut in his right wrist with a skate blade on December 27.

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Mikheyev was cut during his Toronto game against the New Jersey Devils when he forward forward Jesper Bratt’s skate came into contact with his wrist while Bratt was hanging. Mikheyev immediately threw away his equipment and left the playing surface, and the team’s medical and emergency personnel then took him to University Hospital in Newark, N.J., for surgery.

WARNING: The following content may be too graphic for some viewers.

The 25-year-old is in the midst of a promising beginner season. He has eight goals and 23 points in 39 appearances this year, including one he scored before his injury on 27 December.

How Long Will Ice Go From Ice After Surgery? Here’s everything we know about Mikheyev’s injury and the latest news on when he may return to the ice for the Leafs.

How Long Will Ilya Mikheyev Come Out?

The Maple Leafs announced Saturday that Mikheyev will remain in a New Jersey hospital for follow-up before returning to Toronto. The Russian forward is expected to make a full recovery, but the team will not have a more accurate timetable for his return to the ice in three months.

Ilya Mikheyev injury schedule

Mikheyev’s injury came during the Maple Leafs’ 5-4 overtime over the Devils on December 27. He was immediately transported to the hospital and underwent surgery to repair an artery and tendon that had been cut off by Bratt’s skate blade.

According to Toronto, the front will remain in the hospital for follow-up before returning to Toronto. The Maple Leafs expect to have a more precise timetable for Mikheyev’s return in three months – leaving room for Mikheyev’s possible return before the regular season ends.

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