How long is Stephen Curry out? Injury timeline, return date, latest Warriors star updates

The Warriors have lost another All-Star.

Just days after Kevin Durant (broke Achilles) and Klay Thompson (torn ACL) were down with injuries that ended during the NBA Finals 2019, Golden State Bomber Stephen Curry suffered a broken left arm. Curry’s loss of four games in the 2019-20 season virtually diminished the playoff hopes, and it would not be surprising that the organization took a very cautious approach knowing that the team would not be competitive at Western Conference without him.

Golden State coach Steve Kerr will be forced to support D’Angelo Russell, Draymond Green and a number of young players as Curry recovers from injury. It’s not realistic to expect warriors to thrive without Curry at the center of the offense, but Kerr has no other options because the team is tough and can’t make roster upgrades. All the warriors can do is wait.

What will happen to the MVP twice? Here is all we know about Curry’s injury and the latest news on when he may return to court.

LAST INJURY NEWS: Klay Thompson | Kevin Durant

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How Long Will Stephen Curry Come Out?

Curry is expected to lose at least three months after surgery on his broken arm. Here is the statement the warriors issued on November 1st:

Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry, who suffered a broken left arm / second metacarpal with 8:31 remaining in the third quarter of Wednesday’s game against the Phoenix Suns, underwent successful surgery this morning at the Cedlan-Sina Institute Jobe in Los Angeles. The surgery was performed by Dr. Steven Shin. A six-time NBA All-Star and twice a NBA Most Valuable Player, Curry is expected to make a full recovery and an update on his status will be provided in three (3) months.

“I’m definitely looking forward to playing, I don’t know when, but sometime in the spring,” Curry said during a press conference in November. “It’s just a matter of recovery, I’ve never broken anything, I’ve had a hand injury like this.”

The timing of Stephen Curry’s injuries

In early October of the third quarter of the Warriors’ game against the Solar, Curry drove the left side of the lane toward the basket. He tried to bypass Aron Baynes, but collided with the Phoenix center and crashed to the floor. As Curry supported himself for the fall, Baughs collapsed back and landed on Curry’s left hand.

Curry remained on the ground and appeared to be in great pain. He eventually left the game with 8:31 left in the period and, after failing to shoot his free-kick, was not allowed to return.

The Golden State later revealed that Curry was suffering from a broken left arm. He was taken to hospital for additional examinations.

“Obviously it was a difficult start for us on many levels,” Kerr said after losing 121-100 to the Suns, who dropped the Warriors to 1-3 overall. “We’re just trying to find our base, obviously that puts us in a difficult spot, we’ll evaluate it and go from there.”

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Stephen Curry Damage Updates

– Stephen Curry has had surgery for at least three months

– Stephen Curry’s broken hand lets Steve Kerr, Warriors unravel after losing

– Stephen Curry to have a CT scan to see if he will need surgery

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