How long is Trae Young? Injury chronology, return date, latest Hawks guard updates

Trae Young was the brightest point for a Hawks team that is at the bottom of the NBA standings every season. The ankle split Young suffered on Dec. 27 at Atlanta’s loss to the Bucks has blunted that ray of hope indefinitely.

Young has averaged 28.5 points and 8.3 assists through 31 games. It had taken the scoring pace in the second half of December. prior to the injury, he had been in a series of five consecutive games of at least 30 or more, leading a 47-point effort in Brooklyn on December 21. The run ended with 12 points in 15 minutes against Milwaukee.

INJURY UPDATE: Stephen Curry | Zion Williamson

This is the second ankle punch for Young this season. He was bad at the end of October and lost a game.

Who is Atlanta’s next 21-year-old sophomore? Here’s everything we know about Young’s injury and the latest news on when he can return to court.

How Long Will Trae Young Come Out?

The Hawks announced after Friday’s game that Young would not travel with the team for Saturday’s game in Chicago against the Bulls. They also said that Young’s situation would be “updated as appropriate”.

Trae New injury timetable

Young injured his right ankle in a basket move late in the first half of December 27 against the Bucks. Helped off the pitch and did not return.

He will lose at least the Hawks’ game on Dec. 28 against the Chicago Bulls.

“I got the bad thing,” Young told reporters, according to “It hurts very bad right now, but that’s to be expected. We came back here, got some treatment on it, already frozen.”

Young also talked about a quick return. “I will work my ass off to get back as quickly as possible,” she told “I did that last time and will do the same thing to get back to speed.”

Trae New injury updates

– The initial diagnosis, as announced by the Hawks:

An update on @emoryhealthcare Injury:

Trae Young suffered the right ankle sprain during the game tonight against Milwaukee. He had a x-ray at State Farm Arena, which was negative. Young will not travel with the team to Chicago, staying in Atlanta to receive treatment. (1/2)

– Atlanta Hawks (@ ATLHawks) December 28, 2019

His status will be updated on a case-by-case basis. (2/2)

– Atlanta Hawks (@ ATLHawks) December 28, 2019

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