How many balls of gold in the merit of Maradona if his age were now?

Tunisia – Al-Quds Al-Arabi: Diego Maradona was elected president of the football republic. Let’s go back to that famous Buenos Aires sign that said: “Diego, it is not important what you have done in your life, but the most important thing you have done for our life!” A word that sums it all up for the Argentines, they loved him when he won the Youth World Cup in Japan in 1979, and then they loved it When he returned to them with the Great World Cup from Mexico in 1986, one day in their lives were sad and tasteless due to the tyranny of the military government. In reality, this sentiment is no longer limited to just its people, but has transcended the borders of its country and the South American continent to sweep via the world, who fell in love with the golden boy for the art, skill and goals he offers them, whose secret is known only to him. Maradona’s death, which took place on Wednesday 25 November 2020, was therefore witness to a historic demonstration of love in which he was overwhelmed by his fans, and in joined by the fans of his old opponents, the most precious in football. It is the prize that the Argentine legend has never won, despite its right to be a prominent title in the winners list. The reason is that in his time the award system was not open to non-European footballers, as it continued to function from the date of birth of the award in 1956 until 1995, and between 1995 and 2006 the field became open to all players of different nationalities as long as they participate in European championships, and then starting from 2007 there are no more restrictions and winning the Ballon d’Or has become within everyone’s reach in The system has “deprived” Maradona of belonging to a list that includes a wonderful elite of football geniuses, despite the modifications that included him. On the tongue of his fans: how many golden balls would Maradona have if the award system changed in his time? Reflecting on his 21-year career (1976-1997), it can be said that he was worthy of two or more coronations, as he intertwined chapters of bold and impressive letters that embraced the pinnacle of football creativity in more stations, starting with his 1981 move to Boca Juniors from his first team, Argentinos, an exciting transfer that marked a milestone in the ranks of a club very popular. Maradona did not care about all the details, and quickly proceeded with persuasion and creativity, to become a legend in the life of the club.How could he not get the Scudetto for them in the first season, scoring 28 goals in 40 games, and most importantly for their fans who “insulted” the first and eternal rival River Plate with decisive goals in Top of the championship. In that year, you will not find anyone who will dare to object or put in argument, or even just thinking of a contestant for the golden boy after all he accomplished at the World Cup in Mexico. It is his undisputed championship, at twenty-five he was at the peak of giving up, and in the quarter-finals he scored the goal of the century against England with a series of escapes that amazed his colleagues in front of his opponents, and he has brought his country to the top of the world football pyramid, giving his people a historic title, linked to his name for eternity.Here, Maradona deserved the first golden ball without controversy, but went to the Russian striker ( of Ukrainian origin) Igor Belanov, whose result at the time was with his team, Dynamo Kiev, with the titles of the Soviet league and the Cup Winners’ Cup. After the epic Mexico 1986, the golden boy was worthy of a second Golden Ball the following year (1987) when he changed the life of the Italian south by transferring Napoli to the ranks of maximum Calcio after being accustomed to centers in the center of the agreement or conflict to avoid relegation. And he strengthened it with the Coppa Italia to win an unprecedented double. In fact, since the founding of club in 1926, Napoli fans did not witness a bright era (local and continental) like the one experienced with Maradona, you have heard of fans writing for the dead on the walls of the city cemetery: “You don’t know what you missed!” A phrase that sums up the Neapolitan love for those who have filled their life with joy with victories, titles and goals.We are content to leaf through some bright pages of the extraordinary journey of the golden boy, which is enough to confirm his dignity for the obtaining the pearl of individual titles, but his era “collided” with the award system that prevented it, so what if the Maradona era now? How many gold balls will he collect? The legend has disappeared and in his palmares an honorary golden ball was awarded to him by the organizers of the award in January 1995 in honor of his career e in recognition of his genius, and in 2014 the scene was repeated with the Black Jewel Pele by giving him the same award.

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