How Michelle Rodriguez Almost Stole the Show: Behind the Scenes of Resident Evil’s Cast Changes

Michelle Rodriguez Almost Stole the Show in “Resident Evil” Films

Rodriguez Kicks

With six films and $1.23 billion in revenue total, Paul WS Anderson’s “Resident Evil” films are commercial successes. These films, which move away from the intrigues of the games while being inspired by scenes and protagonists known from the fans of the saga, are especially interested in the character played by Milla Jovovich, Alice. However, it could have happened otherwise since the arrival of Michelle Rodriguez upset the scenario of the film. According to Milla Jovovich, the actress known today for her antics in “Fast & Furious” could have stolen the show.

Alice in Zombie Land

If rewrites are normal to adapt to the actors finally selected, it is rarer that a secondary character finally becomes the protagonist of a work between two versions of the scenario. Milla Jovovich explains that she threatened to leave the project if Paul WS Anderson did not find a satisfactory solution for her role.

We know that Milla Jovovich managed to change the director’s mind. Not only is Alice well and truly the character of the whole saga filmic “Resident Evil,” but in addition, the heroine gains powers, each more hallucinating than the other over the course of the episodes. As a reminder, the director and the actress have been married since 2009.

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