How much money did Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier make at UFC 264

Tour no. 3 in the Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier saga has come to its conclusion in the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, with McGregor suffering a loss due to a strange fracture in his leg in the dying seconds of the first round.

One big question: only how much money every athlete will do it on Saturday night.

A highly anticipated rematch like this can rake in millions for the winner, and also the loser. In 2021, McGregor made a revealed $ 5 million to lose against Poirier. The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) company is in the center of a billion-dollar sector, so you would expect athletes to make a large sum of the money. But when it comes to taking fighters home pays the situation becomes complicated fast. Here’s what we do know about the size of the bag so far, how many athletes actually manage to keep it, and what might be discovered after the results of the McGregor vs Poirier fight.

A UFC spokesperson did not follow up on a request for information.

How much will the winner and loser make in the McGregor vs Poirier fight?

Traditionally, the UFC does not advertise the stock exchange amount forward of the fight. However, we can rely on a hypothesis on how more or less the same fighters made in previous attacks. In McGregor vs. Poirier’s fight in UFC 257 before this year, McGregor made a revealed $5 million despite the loss. In the same fight, Poirier made $1 million. This does not include McGregor’s revenue share of to pay for view earnings.

Forbes, that in May called McGregor the world’s highest-paid athlete over the past 12 months, esteemed McGregor took home another 20 million dollars. An employee on how a lot of people buy pay-for-view access to watch the fight, you can expect McGregor to do a similar thing amount of money to UFC 264.

Why wonnon is the winner of the McGregor vs Poirier UFC fight do it automatically more money?

Similar to boxing, the higher six on the food chain, the more money you earn for a fight, even if you lose. of UFC more popular fighters do more money employees on the revenue and audience they generate. McGregor is, by leaps and bounds, the UFC’s biggest attraction. The top five most viewed PPV fights of the UFC featured McGregor in the main event. Here because, in McGregor’s second fight with Poirier, McGregor made more money from his opponent despite having lost.

Likewise, by raising his profile, Poirier increased his earning potential by defeating McGregor in a high-profile meeting.

UFC fighters can also earn additional income from incentives for the whole night. Combat of the bonus Night, Knockout of the night, or submission of the night anything can add to the athlete’s total payment.

How much of the bag that UFC fighters can keep?

Although the popularity of the UFC is steadily increasing, athletes are not taking home a higher percentage of the fight’S total income. Former UFC athlete Cung Le, as well as other former UFC athletes, cited in the judgment of the UFC and have accused him of operating as a monopoly.

According to several reports and a cause in the course, it was found that athletes in kind only receive 20% of the gross income the UFC brings in. This number is low compared with other professional sports. Major leagues such as NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL reportedly pay athletes closest to 50% of Gross Income.

McGregor is a special exception and earns considerably more compared to other UFC athletes. When Ronda Rosey earned her highest uncovered bag, he tied with McGregor’s highest, which was then $3 million. Since then, he has skipped that number out of the water, and no other UFC fighter has seen close to the amount of money he has. To date, his biggest win hasn’t been a UFC match but the boxing match in which fought Floyd Mayweather. McGregor was guaranteed $30 million before the fight but it’s over up step away with a reported 85 million dollars Forbes said. (Mayweather won on a technical knockout and grossed $275 million, according to Forbes.)

Where is the money for the UFC bag come from?

The money that funds the UFC comes from multiple sources. A large majority of these athletes are on to contract with the UFC. whenever they fight, are guaranteed to earn a certain sum. Also on contract, athletes can earn money by pay-per-view shopping, ticket sales, closed-circuit, commercial, other “PPV Events” revenues, merchandising, licensing e sponsorships.

The UFC also holds television contracts which a one the weather was worth an estimated $1 billion. When it comes to athletes revealing their earnings from a fight, there is no specific distinction between what the UFC offers the athlete versus what the fighters earn by endorsements.

Why are there so many UFC fights in Las Vegas?

For UFC and mixed martial arts fighters, Las Vegas is considered the “fight capital of the world. “Thanks to Victory in Vegas, a 2001 UFC event, prominent names have been constantly returning to Las Vegas for sold-out events. It helps that the UFC headquarters is also located in Las Vegas.

“He was going to build our hotel. We will be completely self-sufficient, ”UFC President Dana White said in an interview with journalists in about August to 10 acres of land purchase. The UFC bought the land next to his current headquarters to build a hotel for fighters and their teammates to host events.

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