How much will Mohamed Salah get from his new contract?

London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: Finally, after a long wait, Liverpool fans woke up with the happy news, that the management of the club reached an agreement with the myth Mohamed Salah, according to which it was confirmed that he would remain in the castle of “Anfield” until further notice, to bring down the curtain on the practice of renewing the contract of the star After a period of doubts and rumors about his future with Merseyside Red, both sides disagreed on the essential clauses of the new contract. And most of the print sources in Great Britain has suggested the scenario of his exit from the project of German coach Jurgen Klopp, likewise in yesterday’s colleague Sadio Mane left, especially after the rumors last week, which indicated that the negotiating battle had come to a standstill, before the Premier League runner-up eliminated these rumors, announcing an extension of the contract with the ninth best scorer in the history of the institution in the first days of July 2022. Despite the club kept the most accurate details of the contract secret, including duration and material matters, some British newspapers have learned from their sources that 30-year-old A yearhas signed a contract for a further two years in his current contract, in other words will remain until mid-2025, and with a weekly salary effective immediately from today to the value of 400,000 pounds, according to the newspaper “The Sun”. In addition, the Daily Mail was silent on the authenticity of the information, noting that Elmo won his cold battle with the US administration after his salary doubled from £ 200,000 to £ 400,000 to remove the defense chief. , Virgil van Dijk, from the top paid of the clubalone in head. , with what is now known to the media as the most expensive and highest paid in Liverpool history, as the best reward for what he has given the team since his return in English Premier League in the summer of 2017. Away from the details of his new contract, Abu Makka wanted to send an exciting message to the fans of the clubpledging to provide the best for the team in the season The new, as expected and expected by the public, told the official website of the club“I am happy and excited to win titles with the club, it’s a really happy day for everyone, I think the renewal usually takes some time, but it’s all done now, so we just have to focus on the next step ”. It should be noted that Liverpool bought Mohamed Salah from Roma, with a medium-cost deal, which did not break the barrier of 35 million pounds, including variables, and since that moment have not given up the role and personality of the top scorer, with his score of 156 goals plus 58 assists from his participation in 254 games in various competitions, as one of the most important participants in the return of the titles under the leadership of Klopp, obtaining 6 championships in the last four seasons, in in particular the Premier League, which has been disobedient for 30 years, and the 2019 edition of the European Champions’ Cup.