How Parents Can Teach Children to Read Books


Children learn most of their first life lessons from their parents. Learning how to read, however, is something that we were supposed to do in school. Nevertheless, according to some statistics, children learn how to read mainly around the age of five. We learn how to speak naturally through listening and repeating phrases. Reading, however, demands more comprehensive training. The pace at which kids learn how to read is individual and depends on numerous factors. Some kids never develop a deeper love for reading while others start reading advanced literature at an early age.

How Parents Can Teach Children to Read Books

Developing a taste for books takes time and the way we are introduced to books plays an important role in this process. Through the dedicated and caring support of their parents, kids could learn how to read faster. It also helps develop a close connection with books in the future. In this article, we’re going to explore the methods and techniques that can help parents teach their children how to read and inspire a love for books in their children.

Build strong foundations

The base of reading is learning all the letters of the alphabet. Parents can use blocks with letters or some other form of visual aid to introduce first letters to their kids. Through positive approach and play, kids develop a sympathetic response to reading, relating it to fun and quality time with their parents. Once the kid starts forming the first words on its own, it’s time to pick up some books and start reading them together. Patience is extremely important during a child’s first contact with a book, otherwise, it might develop an aversion.

Talking to the kid while reading, asking questions about the narrative, or discussing a certain character teaches kids to get involved in the content of the book. Some topics could be more appealing than others to your kid, which can help you understand their taste so you can nurture it together and maintain your child’s interest in books. This will build a strong foundation for your kid’s literary progress.

Read Essays About the Great Gatsby

Reading a book means more than going through the text, it involves processing that information. Some kids who never learned to actively read have issues with literary analysis in school. You could teach your kid the beauty and importance of going behind the meaning and thinking about the context through essay examples. Going through The Great Gatsby essays with your kid is an excellent way of teaching your kid what a book can be. With diverse characters, elaborate descriptions, and extensive vocabulary, this book is a perfect training tool.

Through different essays, kids can learn that there can be more ways to look at a certain situation. More than that, it can point out something we might have missed while reading the book ourselves. This way, kids learn how to improve their reading experience and gain more from the books their like.

Teach your kids to dig for answers

Occasionally, your kid might get in touch with events or ideas that are unfamiliar to them. It’s difficult to understand and connect to a book if we’re not acquainted with the political or social circumstances that propel events and relations depicted in the content. Reading a book that we don’t understand can lead us away from it and reading in general. Therefore, embed into your child the need to study the author, the historical period when the book was published, or the circumstances of the era in which the book takes place. Teach your kids to write down anything that raises their attention or causes confusion so they could search for answers later or compare their notes with other books and authors.

Many writers use metaphors and other stylistic figures to tell a story that might be controversial to write about bluntly. Without a profound understanding of all the elements that make up the book, it’s not easy to figure out the true meaning behind the text. Kids that are used to digging for answers could develop an eye for such hidden gems and enjoy the book in its full capacity. It’s a valuable skill that could help the children with their book reports and essays in the future when they get to high school and college.


Reading is an essential skill that we can’t master on our own. Parents are role models for their children at an early age, and their involvement in our literacy is crucial. If kids see their parents often pick up a book and start turning the pages, there’s a high probability that they’ll mimic this behavior. Surrounding the children with books from the start and patiently influencing their natural curiosity is the pathway to forming a dedicated reader in the future.

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