How Secure are Cryptocurrencies?

There are many types of financial investments a person can make, with some carrying more risks than others. It’s often said that investing in property/real estate is among the safest investments you can make, but it’s a large one and not one everyone is interested in. There’s also the fact that investments go through trends and popularity, just like so many other things in life. And as for the investment trend of the moment, it’s all about cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency can be a very attractive option for first-time investors, especially those who feel overwhelmed with the traditional stock and bond markets. But the big question to ask is how secure it is. Here we’ll take a look at how secure these cryptocurrencies are, as well as some tips that can help protect you.

There Isn’t Much In Terms of Regulation

Right out of the gate it’s important to note that the big draw of cryptocurrency can also act as a negative. There is very little in terms of regulation, what this means is that there is risk built in. Regulations have slowly been evolving as crypto becomes more mainstream, but people will still be taking a risk. But let’s also point out it’s the deregulation that makes cryptocurrency so intriguing, so this isn’t exactly cut and dry.

It Can Be a Very Volatile Market

Here’s a negative that doesn’t just apply to cryptocurrency but all investments. In terms of security, you also have to look at it from a risk standpoint. There is plenty of volatility in the crypto market, just like with others. Take a look at how much its value has changed in 2022 alone, and this proves the point.

Scams, Hackers, Security Breaches, and Lost Keys All Pose Risks

Then we have the broad category of what you could call technology-based issues. Cryptocurrency leaves itself exposed to potential scams, hackers, security breaches, phishing attacks, and lost keys, which are your passcodes.

What Can You Do to Limit Risk?

Knowing that every investment carries risks, with cryptocurrencies being no exception, the question is how do you limit those risks? There are a few things you can do, the most important one being that you make sure the exchange is reliable, trusted, and secure. This should require research on your part before you go ahead and make an investment. Take a look at sites such as to learn more about cryptocurrency prices, in this case, Ethereum.

You also want to follow current news and trends, be aware of any current scams or potential hacks, and when you create an account, use a strong password that you change regularly. Experts also suggest you don’t pour all investments into cryptocurrency; rather, you diversify so that you’re never too exposed.

Go In with Eyes Wide Open

It’s impossible to prevent all risks and wait for the cryptocurrency to be 100% secure, but by being informed, being aware of the risks, and the tips you can use to prevent them, you are bound to have a much more positive and hopefully financially advantageous experience.