How the new MCU hero was first linked to the Ten Rings

Today we look at the Marvel comic that first It came up with a connection between Shang-Chi and the ten rings of Mandarin.

This is still-new feature called “Written in the Book. “Basically it’s the other way around of another feature of mine is called “Follow the Path”, where I put the spotlight changes made to comics characters which are based on outside media, as well as characters who it came entirely from outside media. Nowadays, there are so many comic and TV movies series out there that we can put in light examples of TV and movies that adapt specific, lesser-known comic stories to others media (so no “Spider-Man” elevators up debris “or stuff like That).

This one it’s a bit complicated since it is more of a CONCEPT that is pulled out rather than a specific plot point, but the concept is like that novel which I still think it is worth giving it credit for Arriving up with an intelligent way to connect Shang-Chi with the Mandarian who is obviously a key appearance of the next Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

In case you are not familiar with the character (outside of the characteristic facial hairstyle that the film version of the inspired character), Fu Manchu is an Asian villain who appeared as the villain in a series of adventure novels by the British novelist Sax Rohmer which began in 1913. Fu Manchu was the epitome of the idea of “Yellow Peril”, or when writers transform Asian villains in a kind of of exotic black man. Here is how Rohmer described Fu Manchu in one of the books, “Imagine a person, tall, thin and feline, with high shoulders, with an eyebrow like Shakespeare ea face like Satan, . one giant intellect, with all resources of science past and present . Imagine that horrible being and you have a mental image of Dr. Fu-Manchu, the embodiment of the yellow peril in one man. “Fu Manchu is essentially one of the world’s first supervillains.

Something you really need to keep in the mind is that people who they were mostly responsible for the creation of the Marvel Universe was of a whoooooooole other generation that us. I like multiple generations off from us. Stan Lee, if he were still alive, would turn HUNDRED YEARS in 2022. So obviously Lee came of age in one moment in which Rohmer’s Fu Manchu character was in reality still quite a big deal.

Therefore, the influence on Lee was clear, which resulted in both the ephemeral 50s adventure series, The yellow claw (with the Yellow Claw is basically Fu Manchu) by Al Feldstein and Joe Maneely .

and then Lee himself and artist Don Heck introduced mandarin in of 1963 stories of Suspense # 50, who it was ALSO basically Fu Manchu!

Mandarin only also he was ten power rings he wore on his fingers giving him a different superpower for each ring .

In 1973, Steve Englehart and Jim Starlin had launched a new character to bind in with the martial arts craze that was spreading in the popular culture of the time. The hero of the book would be Shang-Chi. Marvel Publisher-in- The boss, Roy Thomas, told them to work It was Manchu in series, as did Thomas and Stan Lee just worked out a license agreement with the Sax Rohmer estate for the rights to Fu Manchu, and so Shang-Chi became the SON of It was Manchu who he is trained as the world’s greatest killer of him father, but then splits from his father become a hero instead .

Shang-Chi has become a popular character, especially under writer Doug Moench, and his continuation series, Master of Kung Fu, lasted until the 1980s before the book was canceled. Once the licensing agreement was up, Marvel could no longer use It was Manchu, then instead Marvel constantly referred to Shang-Chi’s father as simply “Shang-Chi’s father. “

Reginald Hudlin has arrived up with the idea of renaming Fu Manchu “Han”, as in the villain from Enter the Dragon, but it was Ed Brubaker who truly won out coming up with the name Zheng Zu in Secret Avengers # 8 (by Brubaker and Mike Deodato) .

Okay, so now Fu Manchu was Zheng Zu, but what about the ten rings?

Well, a few years later Secret Avengers issue, Marvel had the crossover event, Secret wars. The basic set-up for the series was that basically the Marvel Multiverse was collapsing and Marvel’s Land was destroyed. Fortunately, Dr. Doom had recently received essentially the power of the Beyonder and thus Destiny saved the Earth by fusing it with a series of alternative realities that all come out together on one united planet known as Battleworld (which Doom would be the Emperor in load of everything).

So during the Secret wars crossover, Marvel regular series (almost) all of them ended and were replaced by miniseries set in the various reality of Battleworld. Almost everything of these miniseries are named after the old Marvel series, just done in new turn. Writer W. Haden Blackman and artists Dalibor Talajic, Goran Sudzuka and Miroslav Mrva made a miniseries called Master of Kung Fu, set in an alternate reality that kind of combined the worlds if Iron Fist and Shang-Chi in one And in this world, there are various “houses” of martial arts, of which the two most important are the Ten Rings and the Iron Fist .

However, Blackman then came up with the clever breakthrough of having the head of the Ten Rings are not the Mandarin, but instead Zheng Zu .

And of of course, the star of the series it’s Zu’s son, Shang Chi .

That basic the concept is now the focus of the brand-new Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings (although instead of Zheng Zu, they have come up with theirs new name, Wenwu). Strong stuff.

Self anyone has a tip for a future edition of Written in the Book, to be sure to drop a line to [email protected] Remember, I’m not watching for the really obvious things, but more so many stuff people it wouldn’t even necessarily be automatic know it was based on a comic.

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