How the next Marvel epic left the Avengers in the darkness

The Marvel Universe has been through a lot of epic events and final worldscenari, but Dark years is going to push the heroes of Marvel in ways in they have never been to before. Fans have already a glimpse into the eerie landscape that awaits Earth’s mightiest heroes was given, thanks to a teaser in of 2020 Free Comic Day: X-Men # 1.

Before Dark years officially kicks off, we’re taking a look back in what little we do already know on the Marvel Universe new darkest timeline.

“Dark Ages” by Tom Taylor, Iban Coello, Brian Reber and Joe Sabino of VC begins with The resplendent New York City skyline falls victim to a massive earthquake. Understandably concerned, Pepper Potts calls Tony Stark for help, and he assures her he’s working on the situation before telling her to get to the building the bunker. Mid-flight, Tony’s armor is hit by a strange green energy that causes the suit and its artificial intelligence for start short circuit out.

With no moment to lose, Iron Man calls Captain America, only to lose all control of his armor without getting a chance to explain what’s going on. There’s nothing Tony can do when his suit doesn’t respond, and it is left flying blindly to the Stark Tower. That’s when things go by bad in worse when a passenger plane experiences the same power loss collides with him, tearing off part of his leg before skidding to the ground. When the dust has settled, Tony is on his back in the goal of Stark Tower, bloody out with Pepper curled up over he in tears as his armor closes down completely.

that teaser story establishes a somber tone and a stake in terrible game for Dark years, that takes place outside of primary continuity. This means no one of Marvel heroes are safe. What if Taylor’s work on DC’s Injustice: Gods Among Us or DCeased is an indication, the superhero body the count could get very high. Apart from this preview story, Marvel has anticipated some decisive developments in the module of new takes on familiar characters, including a steampunk Iron Man and a menacing symbiote powered by Miles Morales. the alleged big bad of Dark years he was even taken in ride like Unmaker.

On a year after this initial preview, Dark years and finally set to begin in serious, and promises to be one of Marvel’s most heartbreaking epics yet.

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