How to beat Incarnate Forme Tornadus in Pokemon Go: best counters and weaknesses

Forme Tornadus is one of the more challenging opponents in Pokemon Go’s 5-Star Raids, but we’ve got a rundown of the best strategies you can use to win the battle.

Pokemon Go’s raids are among the most difficult activities in mobile gaming. Every encounter should bring you to your limits. However, if you take the right approach, victory is more than achievable.

With the current Season of Legends in full swing, new Legendary Pokémon have plunged into 5-star raids. The latest is none other than Therian Forme Tornadus, a powerful flying Pokémon.

It won’t be easy to get into this fight. However, we have put together a complete guide to weaknesses and counters so you can feel safe in battle.

Incarnate the weaknesses of Forme Tornadus


Stone-type Pokémon are some of the safest bets for this particular raid.

When you face off against flying raid bosses, you have three main options that you want to stick with. Ice, stone, and electric damage are all important in trying to maximize damage.

Of course, everything else will still work, it will just be far less effective. What you absolutely don’t want is being loaded with ground-based Pokémon, which only deal 39% damage to Forme Landorus.

In contrast, all ice, stone, or electric attacks deal a whopping 160% damage to the raid target. This is by far the best choice to ensure victory without much frustration.

Best counters for Tornadus in Pokemon Go

Pokemon animation

Pokemon with the Thunder Shock attack could be your key to success.

Given the above weaknesses, you probably already have a good idea of ​​which Pokemon to drag into battle. All companions who deal with these types of damage will come in handy, although some are stronger than others.

For example, Rampardos and Magnezone are by far the best picks for this encounter. The former brings remarkable Stone-Type damage, while the latter is one of the most powerful Electric-Type Pokémon in the game.

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If you use any of these to your advantage, you are on your way to victory. However, if you don’t have them in your collection, fear not. From Raikou to Zapdos to Terrakion, there are numerous options to choose from.

Pokémon Fast attack Charged attack
Rampardos Crash Rockslide
Magnezone spark Wild cargo
Electivire Clap of thunder Wild cargo
Mamoswine Powder snow avalanche
Raikou Clap of thunder Wild cargo
Terracion Crash Rockslide
Zapdos Clap of thunder lightning
Luxray spark Wild cargo

How do I get Shiny Incarnate Forme Tornadus

Pokemon Go gameplay

This 5-star raid is only available for a limited time.

No different than any other raid in Pokemon Go, you have to grind if you want a shiny. It will be time consuming and difficult, but while the raid is active your most likely bet is to add one to your collection.

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Landorus, Thundurus and Tornadus will be causing a stir throughout March. Make sure you brush up on our full list of raids coming to Pokemon Go this month.

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