LATEST NEWS How to combine multiple Google forms into one

How to combine multiple Google forms into one


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Import questions is one of the many useful, but often overlooked functions in Google Forms. The Import Questions feature allows you to draw questions from your existing forms for use in a new form. In the following video, I show you how you can use the question import feature to combine questions from multiple Google forms into one new one.

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Applications for education
One of the things I usually do at the end of the semester is to create practice quizzes for my students by collecting questions from quizzes they have already taken. I usually concentrate on recording the questions that were most frequently answered incorrectly earlier in the semester. Google Forms makes this easy to do. By using the Import Questions feature in Google Forms, I can quickly create a new form that is just a compilation of questions from previous forms. The determination of the questions to be chosen is made by looking at the summary data of the previous quizzes.

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