How to Create and Send HTML Email: 4 Easy Ways

All emails can be divided into two types: Plain Text and HTML. HTML emails are often sent by brands: they have a lot of images, they have buttons, and the layout is often divided into several columns. It seems like you need to be a top-level layout designer to create HTML emails. But this is not so: you can make a catchy email without any knowledge of design and layout. We will show you how to make an email template and send it.

How to Create and Send HTML Email 4 Easy WaysHow to Create an HTML Email?

Before you will be able to insert html into outlook and send it to your subscribers, you need to make it from scratch. You can do it in four different ways:

  1. In the block editor

    The block editor helps people who are not fluent in HTML and CSS to create emails. The letter is composed according to the Lego constructor principle – from semantic blocks of different sizes that you fill in with content. A database of ready-made templates is available in each editor, based on which you can typeset your letter.

  2. In the visual editor

    In the visual editor, you work directly with the code and immediately see how the mail template changes. For example, the working field is divided into two columns: on the left, you work with the code, on the right, changes in the template are immediately shown.

  3. In the primary code editor

    In such editors, you manually write HTML code, which you then upload to an email newsletter service or mail application. You have to watch how the letter looks in a separate browser tab where you upload the HTML code.

  4. Order from outsourcers

    The HTML mail is designed by a freelancer or web studio. You will receive a responsive template that matches the company’s brand book. This can be a universal letter, an email for a specific promotion, or a welcome series.

How to Create HTML Email

How to Send an HTML Email?

When the letter is ready, it needs to be sent. We will tell you how to do it through the mailing service or manually through Outlook.

The email newsletter service is the platform where you will manage your newsletters. In such services, you can type letters, analyze statistics, set up automatic payment notifications, and even create landing pages. You can send an HTML email through any of these services, and the process itself is easy and intuitive.

To send a letter via Outlook, you need to have its HTML code ready. It is better to use the mail that you usually use:

  1. Create a new email;
  2. Right-click on the field code for the text and select “Edit as HTML”;
  3. Delete the <br> snippet and paste the email HTML code instead. As soon as you close the console window, the email will be displayed in the Outlook text field;
  4. Add a recipient and enter a subject for the email;
  5. Send a test email to check it for errors. If everything is ok with the test letter, send it to your subscribers.

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