How to Fix Google Play Services Won’t Update – Step-by-Step Guide

Google Play Services run Android devices. These Google Play Services make the integration of Google functionalities easier by connecting everything in your Android device. That’s why your older phones get advanced features without any software update. In simple words, Google Play services act as a bridge between your Android operating system and App functionalities. In case you can’t update Google Play services and are looking for how to fix Google Play services not updating, then keep reading this article.

Why Can’t I Update Google Play Services?

1. Custom ROM Incompatibility:

  • Custom ROMs can introduce incompatibilities that hinder Google Play Services updates.
  • Solution: Consider switching to a compatible ROM or follow the steps below to address the issue.

2. Insufficient Storage:

  • Frequent app updates can gradually consume available storage, preventing Google Play Services updates.
  • Solution: Manage your storage efficiently by following the steps outlined below.

3. Corrupted Google Play Components:

  • Occasional corruption within Google Play Components can disrupt the updating process.
  • Solution: Learn how to troubleshoot and resolve this issue effectively.

4. Excessive App Installations:

  • Installing an excessive number of apps can create conflicts and hinder Google Play Services updates.
  • Solution: Discover strategies for optimizing your app collection while ensuring smooth updates.

5. Excessive Cache Accumulation:

  • Excessive cached data can lead to abnormal behavior, impacting Google Play Services updates.
  • Solution: Follow the steps to manage and clear cached data for improved performance.

Common Fixes for Google Play Services Not Updating

  1. Check Internet Connection

    • If you’re unable to update Google Play Services, it could be due to a previously installed update causing the problem. In such cases, it’s recommended to remove all the updates and revert back to the original state. Later, you can update it again. Here’s how you can do it.
  2. Check Available Storage

    • Verify that your device has sufficient storage space for the update.
  3. Restart Your Device

    • When encountering issues with updating Google Play services, restarting your device is often the first recommended solution. This simple trick can fix various software and system glitches that may be causing the problem. Additionally, restarting your device clears the RAM and aids in the proper functioning of apps.
  4. Clear Google Play Services Cache

    • Step-by-step instructions to clear cache for Google Play Services.
    • That being said, having too much cache also makes an app misbehave. So, clear the cache file to avoid such issues.
      • 1. Go to the Settings on your Android device
      • 2. Look for “Apps” and find “Google Play services” and tap on it
      • 3. Press “Storage” and clear the cache data.
  5. Logout of Your Google Account

    • Logging out and logging back into your Google account can help Google servers recognize your account and resolve Google Play Services update issues.
    •  Go to the Android “Settings”.
    • Find the “Accounts” option and tap on it.
    • Find your Google account from the list and tap on the “Remove account” option.
    •  Again, sign in to your Google account.
  6.  Uninstall Google Play Services

    • Sometimes, this problem exists due to a previously installed update. So, if you can’t update Google play services then remove all the updates and bring it back to the original state. Later, you can update it again. Here is how to do it.
      • Open Settings > Apps and notifications.
      • Next, navigate to Google Play Services and click on it.
      • Press the 3-dots menu to display “Uninstall updates” and touch it.
  7. Check Date and Time Settings

    • An incorrect date and time won’t help you get any updates from the server. You should also ensure the Date and Time on your device are correct.
      • 1. Head over to Settings > System > date and time
      • 2. Enable automatic date and time or manually edit the figures
  8. Check Google Account

    • Verify that your Google account is functioning correctly.

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