How to Get More Views for Your Next Music Video on YouTube

Many aspiring musicians find it extremely difficult to reach enough people to feel it’s worth it. This is ironic, as presenting your work to a large audience has never been easier and cheaper. What is the problem?

In reality, the wide choice of tools and platforms causes most of the problems. People often feel overwhelmed when faced with a wide range of options and need help to select the right product or service. Furthermore, even if they make the right choice, there is still the question of whether they know how to use it. To help you attract more viewers to your next YouTube video, here’s a list of things you need to consider.

YouTube Music Video: Create your own channel

To begin with, you need to create a channel that looks professional and attractive. This is the first thing people will see when they visit your channel, and you want to leave a good impression with the design. Also, try to use the same template across all social media you use and across your profiles. The channel should contain high-quality cover art, links to social media, Soundcloud, and other sites, a relevant logo or image, a description of you and your music, and contact details. Ensure you use high-quality images that look great on all devices used to browse YT. Also, use some photo editors to improve the quality of your images.

The choice of title

It makes sense to have a title that is the name of your song, but you need to consider adding your name to it. Also, if you’ve collaborated with other musicians on a particular track, remember to tag them. You want people who search for your name or song title to get your video as the first result.


As we’ve already said, it’s essential to tag colleagues who helped you with the song, but you need to tag more to reach a wider audience. Ensure you have enough relevant tags, including the genre and subgenre of the music you’ve created (if you can categorize it, of course) and several vital keywords related to the video. Ideally, you should have around ten tags.

Music visualizer

No matter how great your music is, you will always attract more people if a great video accompanies it. Young and emerging artists rarely have enough money to produce a superb and original video, but people like to see something that complements the music they’re listening to. This is where a nifty music visualizer can help. Choose one that’s tailored to help you convey the message you’re trying to send.


Believe it or not, people read the description under a video if they are intrigued by what they hear and see. So, write a few lines about your music and video and possibly introduce yourself as an artist. You could also include insight into the making of the video, especially if something is interesting about it. Just don’t leave that section blank.


Your video thumbnail should be attractive and memorable so that people who have watched it can immediately recognize it when they search for it next time. You must choose the most eye-catching image and set it as your thumbnail.

And the notes?

Annotations engage people, which means you should use them. They will increase other video views and entice viewers to click through to other sites, resulting in many more subscribers. Annotations allow viewers to move forward, recommend other videos they might like, or link to your social media or website. However, please limit yourself to small annotations close to the edges and make them transparent. Incorrect annotations are likely to discourage people.

Share your music!

When you’re done uploading a video, you want people to know about it. Unless they are your subscribers, they will probably miss it if you don’t let them know. That’s why you need to share the link everywhere you can and do it more than once. Also, ask your friends to share it on all social media platforms they use. The more people see what you do, the more followers and fans you will likely have, so don’t be shy.

These are a few tips you should follow if you want your next YT video to attract more viewers than the previous ones. A lot depends on the music itself, but you need to do everything you can to wrap it up in a package pleasing to both the eyes and the ears and use the power of YT and social media to spread the word about it. So now it’s your turn. Roll up your sleeves and become a star!

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