How to get the Shadow Midas Drum Gun in Fortnitemares

The addition of player- managed Shadows may be the most substantial addition to Fortnitemares2020 For the extremely first time in Fortnite’s history, players have the ability to respawn in core video game modes.

The gamer base is currently split as to whether this is a good addition to the video game.

How to become a Shadow

Becoming a Shadow is the most basic part of all of this– all you need to do is remain in the game after you pass away. Rage-quitters will not have the ability to experience the main function of the Fortnitemares upgrade.

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The Shadow mechanic deals players an additional life after theydie You’ll still have the ability to interact with your colleagues, nevertheless your voice will be misshaped– a great touch, in our viewpoint.


As a Shadow, you have the ability to scan the location for opponents, lunge forward, attack, and end up being unnoticeable. Scanning the location is exceptionally powerful, as it exposes all of the “real” players to the rest of the zombie crowd.

To end up being undetectable, stall and slip up on anopponent Your eyes will still show up, nevertheless they’re easy to miss out on out on when you’re running by them.


As a zombie, you can recuperate by taking in loot that removedplayers drop You start with 100 HP and can get it back by taking in ammo, materials, items, and weapons.

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It looks like though the amount of recovery you get scales based upon the rarity of the loot. You will also keep the loot on your body, suggesting the player who eliminates you can use it to help them win the game.


You might be questioning: can you win as a Shadow in Fortnitemares?

In reality, winning as a shadow will count as a Solo win if you’re in that mode. With so lots of tools in the Shadow’s toolkit making it through to the end and winning as a Shadow may be the most basic way to win, today.

Battling Shadows

After playing a couple of games in the brand name-new Fortnitemares celebration, it will rapidly end up being clear that winning as a gamer tends to be more hard than winning as a zombie. Husks were one thing, however the 2020 Shadows are like smart variations of the Husks– making them far more hard to offerwith

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So– how do you fight the Shadows? The only approach that appears to work is to keep yourdistance You can make use of Bouncers and Gauntlets to remain above the zombies and far from their attacks. The brand name-new Crossbow deals extra damage to Shadows, as does Midas’ Drum Weapon– although there’s just one Drum Weapon and the Crossbow can be undependable.

As you can see in this clip from SypherPK, the Iron Guy Onslaughts appear to be the extremely best approach to remove the Shadows– with Medical professional Doom’s Attacks closebehind We’ll let you

if we find any much better methods.the Shadows will definitely be of most doubtful part update this enjoy– either you’ll to them or you’ll dislike them. It’s a cool principle second use players a in life in the Fortnite, however it can be a bit frustrating game end-

  • circumstances. Learn More:

Fortnite leakage show a buffed Flare Weapon returningto Impressive might need changes to the make a couple of balance update zombies after thisof Some have actually advised that getting rid to Shadows ought players material grant to and guards as an approach

reduce their damage.


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