How to have a successful clinic with digital marketing

How to Have a Successful Clinic

In this article, we will show you how to have a successful clinic using digital marketing and some specific strategies for clinics, regardless of the specialties offered.

Whatever the segment of your business, it is currently essential to have a digital presence. Regarding a clinic, whatever the medical specialty offered, just posting on social media is not enough.

Below, we will describe digital solutions that go far beyond social networks and will make your clinic successful and high-performing.

Strengthening your digital presence

The first step to be taken is to diagnose the digital health of your clinic or clinics, but as a whole, with the following steps:

1- Does your clinic already have an account on the main social networks?

If the question is no, then your clinic needs the basics! We recommend that you create at least Facebook and Instagram.

Now that your clinic has the most used social networks, it’s time to use them frequently, whether it’s you or an employee, as there’s no point in having an abandoned social network. The higher the frequency of posts, the greater your results will be! See some packages here.

1.2 – See 5 free tools to create posts yourself:

  1. Flexclip
  2. Fotojet
  3. Canvas
  4. Fotor
  5. FreePik

To exchange texts and images on Freepik, you need basic knowledge of Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Corel Draw.

Flexclip, Fotojet, and Canvas are ideal tools for beginners and professionals to create incredible designs and videos without technical knowledge.

We recommend using the BuzzSumo tool to gain insights into good content that converts and maintains a good frequency of posts.

You must review your design, content, or both if you are not getting good engagement. For this task, you can ask friends for their opinions and also monitor your competitors by seeing what they post and how the design is, but no copying, just taking ideas and improving them.

To monitor your competitors on Facebook, see this step-by-step guide.

On Instagram, you can monitor using hashtags such as #medicina, #clinicamedica, #clinica, and #clinicas.

If you still don’t get engagement, we recommend contacting a digital agency to help you with this task.

2- Does your clinic have Google My Business?

It is also essential to take care of your Google My Business or, if you don’t have one, urgently create an account for your clinic. This tool will be essential in helping you appear to new customers in your city.

In addition to gaining more visibility in your region, Google My Business is a tool that helps your customers find information about your business, such as opening hours, telephone numbers, directions, reviews, websites, photos, and much more.

You may have already realized the importance of this tool for your clinic, so don’t waste time creating your account and keeping it updated, of course, if you have more than one clinic, it is possible to add more than one location to your Google My Business account.

If you want to know more about how to create and optimize your Google My Business account, see our complete guide.

3- Does your clinic have a website?

In item 3, we will address what must be included for a successful and high-performance clinic: a website. We are not saying just any website; your clinic needs a modern, intuitive, responsive website.

In terms of intuitiveness, your website must be easy to navigate; that is, people should not get confused when browsing. Even the most non-technical people should be able to easily navigate your website, which should be free of visual pollution and very informative.

Still, when it comes to intuitiveness, there is the issue of responsiveness (adapting to any screen). A website that cannot be navigated via smartphone is unacceptable, as currently most people access the internet through one.

With a modern, intuitive, and responsive website, your brand will have great credibility. This will be a big differentiator and will make all the difference for your potential customers who visit your website; after all, the first impression is the one that lasts, right?

In addition to these basic requirements, it is essential that your website always has up-to-date information and that it has a complete and intuitive online appointment scheduling system. In the next topic, we will talk more about this.

Implement an online appointment scheduling system

It’s no use just having a website for your clinic, you must have a complete system for online bookings, with a panel for each member of your team so that they can monitor their schedules individually, and if possible for their clients as well.

We are living in an increasingly digital world and this type of solution helps both your team and your customers, people want what is more practical and if you offer them that you win them over.

In addition to this ease for your team, your website needs to provide an intuitive and easy-to-use scheduling form so that anyone can easily book an appointment. See an example below:

In recent years 2020/2021, the Covid-19 pandemic meant that businesses that did not have a digital presence were forced to go online, and this was already an obligation, those who already had a strong presence on the internet did not feel the impacts as much as those who had to migrate to digital.

This was also a lesson for businesspeople so that they would not leave digital marketing aside, in addition, migrating to

the internet, it is necessary to always innovate in technology and practical solutions to be one step ahead of your competitors.

How to have a successful clinic by investing in digital marketing

For this question on how to have a successful clinic, we will discuss some essential ways for clinics to increase revenue and improve performance.

After strengthening your digital presence, it’s time to implement what will make your clinic really take off. The first step is to create an execution plan, which can be done through spreadsheets or your ERP (management system). The ERP (management system) is the most indicated.

The ideal is to make a financial statement to determine how much you can invest in digital marketing. Initially, put everything in the ERP or spreadsheet and take a percentage to invest in your business.

It is always important to invest in your business no matter how profitable it is, the crisis that Covid-19 triggered showed us this, especially in technology, marketing and innovation.

Invest in online ads on multi-platforms

One of the best ways to boost your clinic is to invest in online ads; the best platforms for running online ads are Google Ads and Facebook Ads, including Instagram ads.

After you have set aside a percentage to invest in your digital marketing, we recommend investing half and half, Google Ads and Facebook Ads, and having at least 2 months of campaigns running online.

But here’s an important point: hiring an experienced traffic manager is extremely important. We do not recommend running your campaign yourself, as experience and technical knowledge are necessary; without this, you will just waste money.

Learn how to demand results

Once you have chosen a traffic manager or digital agency, you must know how to demand results and not get frustrated.

This tip is useful whether you have your own marketing department or have hired a digital agency to take care of your marketing. There is no point in outsourcing your marketing and not knowing how to charge the company you hire.

For example, if you have hired social media administration and sponsored links services, study the basic concepts and principles of the matter so that you are not deceived and know how to charge correctly, as there is no point in hiring, for example, a package of posts from 2 times a week and think that this will generate great results if you know the basics about social networks you will know this.

Study how the service works. You don’t need to know advanced techniques or become an expert, but you do need to know the basics to correctly demand results from the hired company.

Analyze graphs and compare with previous graphs. If the contracted company does not generate frequent reports for you, cover it with them.

Request reports periodically so you can closely monitor what is being done with your investment.

6 Strategies for clinics to get ahead of competitors

1- Always invest in the user experience in your clinic

But what would that be? user experience? Basically, that’s what the term already says, it’s making your customer’s experience very good and special, whether on your website or in person, in simple terms, good service makes users want to come back to your clinic and Be loyal customers, after all, good service is half the battle to winning over a customer.

Your website must be optimized and responsive so that your customers have a good experience using smartphones, as currently, a large proportion of people will access your website via a smartphone.

We also recommend implementing an online chat or Whatsapp button on your website. Being assertive will make all the difference.

2- Blog on your website to attract leads

There is a huge amount of research on procedures, diseases, medications, etc. done on the internet, and if you have a blog and talk about some of these subjects, you will attract a lot of traffic to your website organically (without paying).

You can also offer discounts and free content to generate leads through the blog. This strategy takes a certain amount of time but is very rewarding, as it will really bring you more results in the medium and long term on an ongoing basis without paying for it, the so-called organic traffic.

3- Ask for customer testimonials and post them on your social networks

Ask for testimonials from customers to post on your social networks, website, and Google My Business; this social proof is essential to generate authority and credibility on the internet. This will give confidence to people who still need to learn your clinic to become customers.

Pay attention to the standards and rules of the codes of ethics of the respective profession; if you have any doubts, ask for an evaluation on Google My Business, as the person is doing it out of free spontaneity there.

4- Create videos for your social networks

This tip is undoubtedly one that generates the most engagement for your profile: make videos constantly talking and commenting on the main procedures offered. The engagement rate for videos is much higher than for images, so don’t leave this one out! FlexClip is a great tool for creating these videos and effectively.

5- Create Before/After posts

In the case of beauty and dentistry clinics, you must post before and after the most popular procedures, it is one of the things that will generate the most results on your social networks.

Pay attention to the standards and rules of the codes of ethics of the respective profession, if you have any doubts, ask for an evaluation on Google My Business, as the person is doing it out of free spontaneity there.

6- Use a CRM

Track every movement of your leads and customers through a CRM and know exactly what to do at each step of the funnel. This will make your digital marketing campaigns more assertive and have a much higher ROI.

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