How to integrate Nextcloud in Chrome OS

Did you know that you can get Nextcloud integration on your Chromebook? Find out how.

How to integrate Nextcloud in Chrome OS
Did you know that you can get Nextcloud integration on your Chromebook? Find out how.

Chrome OS is one of the most cloud-focused operating systems available, so it makes sense that integrating services such as Nextcloud would be easy. Of course, Google is not prepared to add integration out-of-the-box to its competition. Fortunately there are developers who are willing to take that extra step to make this possible.

That is the case with Nextcloud. Because developers have created an excellent app for their ecosystem, you can get Nextcloud integration with any Chromebook that supports Android applications.

I want to help you add Nextcloud to your Chromebook and then how you can connect it to your Nextcloud account.

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What you need

The only things you need to make this work are:

How to install the app

To install the app, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Chromebook.
  2. Open the Google Play Store app.
  3. Search for Nextcloud.
  4. Click on install.
  5. Have the installation complete.

Connect to your Nextcloud server

Click the Chrome OS desktop menu button and browse the app overview until you find the Nextcloud launcher. Click on the startup program to open the app. In the resulting window (Figure A), type the address of your Nextcloud server.

Figure A

The Nextcloud server address window.

Click on the arrow pointing to the right and wait. This gives an error message and you can go back to the normal login window (Figure B).

Figure B

The Nextcloud login window.

Type your Nextcloud username and password, and then click Connect. In the resulting pop-up (Figure C), click Allow to give Nextcloud the necessary permissions. At that time, the Nextcloud app is connected to your server and you can start uploading files from the app.

Figure C

Give the Nextcloud app the necessary permissions.

However, the pleasure does not end here. Open the Chrome OS file app. Here you can see the Nextcloud server item in the left sidebar (Figure D).

Figure D

The Nextcloud item in Chrome OS file manager.

Expand the Nextcloud item and you will see all your subfolders. Because Nextcloud is now linked in Files, you can copy / paste files from the File manager. So the only reason to bother the Nextcloud app is if your account is lost. Even after a restart, your Nextcloud account is automatically reconnected in Files.

And that is all to connect your Chromebook to a Nextcloud server. Enjoy that cloudy, open source goodness.

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