How to master every Battlefield V soldier class on Wake Island

It’s exciting times here at Dice! We just released our reissue of one of the (oh, sure, most) classic maps in Battlefield history: Wake Island. Battlefield veterans will remember this Battlefield Pacific battlefield in 1942 and some incarnations in other titles have also been seen.

The design of this horseshoe-shaped classic has given us many hectic multiplayer matches over the years. With the help of modern technology, we have now succeeded in designing Wake Island as we have always imagined it. Wake Island 2019 is bigger, built for a better pace, and supports new Battlefield V features like reinforcements.

Wake Island features
Fighting over land, air and sea, but we thought we’d take a closer look at the infantry
Fight specifically in this post. Here are a few pointers from our level
Designer Shashank Uchil on the best game of the four classes – Assault,
Support, paramedics and reconnaissance – in attacking or defending as USA or Japan in
This lush but hostile environment.

Play Assault on Wake Island

If not marked, enemy vehicles could
Quickly turn the tide of the Battle of Wake Island. You do not want that
done! If you play as an assault, you should remove the numerous tanks
and planes. Use gadgets like the Panzerfaust, AT Mines and Sticky Dynamite
Bring tanks and stationary weapons like the AA cannons down to free the sky

Play on Wake Island

Support should give priority to construction
Fortifications to keep the enemy side’s tanks and transport vehicles at bay.
This is also a great class to use with the opposing team
Trenches found on the map. Put down oppressive fire with the powerful
Machine guns and you will be a great asset to your squad and team.

Play Medic on Wake Island

Keeping teammates healthy and alert is a matter of course
Key to playing Medic, especially on such an intense card. Stay there
down medpacks and look for (safe) resuscitation options. In addition, medical professionals
It would be advisable to switch between ranged and melee weapons based on
where you are. When switching between flags, it is advisable to switch to a long range
Weapon, but close to a checkpoint and melee range
choose a weapon with a high rate of fire.

Play Recon on Wake Island

Enlighteners have a real love: the hill!
If you play this class, you will find a kind of tower near each flag on Wake
Island. You can also climb the hotel, hangar, air tower, and fuel tanks
a great view of the map. However, be careful – these locations are a primary one
Aim for other players too.

There you have it! Whichever class you choose,
We hope you have fun on Wake Island and (again) discover the hustle and bustle
Sandbox gameplay that this timeless design lives up to.

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