How to Master Octane in Apex Legends: Skills, Tips, More

Season 8 saw Octane’s kit come with a number of impressive enhancements that make his ultimate ability more reliable and effective. Of course, this means there is no better time to beat the Adrenaline Junkie and take over the Apex Games than Octane.

The launch of Season 8 of Apex Legends brought a slew of new content to the game for players to experience. From the new Legend Fuse to the 30-30 Repeater to the introduction of the revised King’s Canyon map.

Additionally, a variety of buffs and nerfs were applied to existing legends in the game, with Octane receiving a number of significant changes.

Thanks to the ultimate ability of the Adrenaline Junkie, their kit is more reliable and easier to control in high pressure situations. So mastering Octane in Season 8 could be a great way to win more games and dominate your matches.

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How to Use Octane’s Abilities

Passive: Swift Mend

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Octane’s passive allows him to automatically restore health.

Octane’s passive ability, Swift Mend, allows him to automatically regenerate health over time. When the Adrenaline Junkie is out of the fight, it will be restored one health per secondand gives it a great source of sustain between fights.

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Swift Mend will even keep working if Octane gets knocked down, but keep in mind that it doesn’t stop him from bleeding to death. While the ability isn’t auto-revive, it does mean that if one of your teammates engages you in a shootout, if one of your teammates engages you in a gunfight, you can jump into the fray much faster than other Legends.

Obviously, Octane’s passive doesn’t significantly affect aggressive combat, but it can be an incredible skill for lengthy shootouts.

Tactical: Stim

Octane stimul
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Octane’s Stim is his most iconic ability and the source of his speed.

Octane’s Stim tactical ability allows him to significantly increase his movement speed for a short time. Once Stim is activated, his sprint speed increases by 40% and its normal running speed over 30% to the six Seconds. Keep in mind that this ability costs octane 12 health per useBut due to his passive ability, it doesn’t take long for Octane to restore that.

While Stim can be useful for simple rotations, don’t underestimate the power of the ability with aggressive thrusts. Octane is capable of closing the gap with an enemy incredibly quickly, so you can catch them off guard and take them out. Of course, try not to be too reckless with its speed of movement – but it’s definitely a tool that can be used to your advantage.

Finally, remember that Octane cannot kill itself with the healthcare cost of its stimulation ability. So if you are low on health and desperately looking for a way out, don’t be afraid to use them.

Ultimate: launch pad

Launch Pad Octane
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Any member of a team can use the Octane Ultimate ability.

Octane’s Ultimate Launch Pad gives him the ability to drop a device that will propel him into the air, and even gives him a double jump to change direction. Compared to other Ultimate in the game, Octane’s Launch Pad has an extremely low cooldown of 60 secondsThis means that gamers can regularly use it to play games and push opponents.

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It’s worth noting that in the season eight patch, Octane’s launch pad was redesigned to give players more control over the direction of flight. So if you want to fly in a horizontal direction, press the pad while crouching. However, if you are looking for a high arch jump, step onto the pad in a normal standing position.

While these changes aren’t huge, they do give Octane players more control over how they want to approach a fight with his Ultimate.

Octane number tips and tricks

1. Don’t be afraid to use Stim

Octane Stim
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Octane’s stimulation ability has a two second cooldown.

For many new Octane players, using the Stim ability can feel strange as you lose health while active. However, since Swift Mend is available outside of combat, it is important that you use Stim frequently.

Having access to a significant increase in movement speed once you drop into the map is incredibly powerful, especially in the early game. So make sure you use Stim while looting to prepare for it asap. There is the ability on one Two seconds cooldownyou can afford to send spam and use the speed of Octane to your advantage.

Of course, there’s always the chance that you could get caught with lower health than an opponent, but Octane is a high-risk legend that rewards an aggressive style of play. So play with its strengths.

Look for flanks on enemies

Octane tricks
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Octane has some of the best motion-based skills in Apex. So make the most of it.

With Octane’s Launch Pad and Stim, you have all the tools to look for amazing flanks. Whether you’re flying over the top of the shootout with his ultimate ability or running around the side with his tactical stim to find a devastating flank, it’s important that you make the most of Octane’s motion-based kit.

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Of course, this tip includes the caveat that a flank is not always the right decision in a battle. Assess where your teammates are positioned and whether your solo mission can put them at risk. In this case, it might be better to take a standard approach and stick with your team.

Use his movement skills as an escape route

Octane lead
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Don’t be afraid to use Octane’s Launch Pad as a retreat

While Octane rewards an aggressive style of play, not every shootout will go according to plan, so an escape route is key. For the adrenaline junkie, his aggressive skills are also his defensive skills. So don’t be afraid to use your Ultimate to get out of a difficult situation.

The same goes for Stim, although it costs 12 health to use. Increasing the speed of movement can make all the difference if you get out alive.

Hopefully this guide has provided you with plenty of tips and tricks to fully master Octane, the adrenaline junkie. In no time you will dominate the Apex games and be on your way to victory.

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