How to Preserve Your iPhone Battery Life After the Latest Update

How to Solve Battery Problems After Updating Your iPhone?

After installing the latest update from Apple, some iPhone users experience battery issues.

They have complained about several problems related to the new update, “iOS 16.5”, such as the high temperature of the phone and the battery charging speed compared to the previous one, according to the specialized site “Z” in tech news.

7 Tips to Solve Battery Problems on iPhone After an Update

Therefore, the site has provided 7 tips through which you can find out where the error is and solve the battery problems that you may encounter.

1- Patience

It’s normal to have a decrease in battery life after installing any update from Apple.

iPhones need to perform a variety of tasks in the background after the update and this consumes more power than usual, so your battery life will return to normal once you complete all these additional tasks.

2- Restart

It may seem strange to recommend a restart because the update process automatically restarts the phone.

But doing it again can really help and has been proven to work many times.

3- Update applications

The problem may not be iOS related but a malicious app, which means it’s worth making sure all your apps are up to date.

To do this, go to the Apple Store, click on your profile icon in high. Then scroll down to find available updates and click “Update All” directly.

4- Find the cause of the low battery

If the above step didn’t improve your battery, there may be a “rogue” app draining your phone’s power. Luckily, iOS gives you the tools you need to track down bad apps.

Then go to settings and then battery. Here you will see a lot of data including “phone activity by app” it describes in details how much power an app uses while it’s on the screen, and how much it’s using in background.

This information can be used to diagnose battery drain issues and then check which app is consuming too much power.

5- Replace the battery

If your phone is 4 years old or more, the battery may be old and needs to be replaced.

To find out, tap Settings and go to Battery, then Phone status and charging, and check the maximum battery capacity listed.

If this percentage is less than 80%, it may indicate that the battery is faulty and needs to be replaced.

6- High temperature

The problem could originally be in exposing the phone to a large temperature rise, especially when used indoors. Auto while it is exposed to the sun and simultaneously placed on the charger.

If the temperature rises, it will corrode the battery cells and cause performance problems.

7- Wait

If the above steps didn’t work, wait for the new update from Apple to fix the problem.

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