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How to relieve the pain of sunburn and how to protect yourself?


Russian dermatologist Pyotr Merenkov said that yogurt and oil should not be applied to the burned area of ​​​​the skin.

In an interview with doctorpiter.ru, the specialist notes that people who have received sunburn often neglect this injury, although it is necessary to immediately start treating the affected area in order to prevent complications.

He adds that, according to the British National Health Service, the signs of sunburn are:

– the skin becomes hot;

Redness of the skin, and when pressing on the area, a white spot remains on the skin;
Touching the place is painful and uncomfortable;

Feeling that the place of injury is “burning”;

The appearance of blisters.

Therefore, if any of these signs appear, you should immediately go to a shaded place and apply a cold compress to the affected area or wash it with cold water, and it is advisable to take painkillers to prevent infections.

He adds that it is strictly forbidden to apply dairy products, vegetable oil, petroleum jelly, glycerin, or anything containing fat to the affected area, as this prevents heat from radiating from it, which can lead to infection.

He says: “The acidity of dairy products affects the affected skin, especially considering that these substances are usually added to nutritional supplements. The biggest trouble is that some patients take a hot bath, thinking that this “removes” the sunburn. , but actually worsen the state of health, Here begins the swelling of the soft tissues.

He adds that alcohol-based solutions are also not allowed to treat these burns, as they dry out the skin and aggravate the condition. It is also not recommended to wash this area with soap and apply greasy creams on it, it is not recommended to squeeze pimples and remove the skin.

The doctor notes that the affected area should be protected with gauze and light, loose clothing made from natural fabrics should be worn, and later it can be treated with a healing ointment to speed up recovery.

And he adds, to prevent sunburn, it is not recommended to be in the sun between 12 and 16 due to the high level of ultraviolet rays under the sun at this time.

Source: RIA Novosti


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