How to see Shawwal’s crescent … and different die Method between countries?

Muslims want to see the crescent moonTonight Tuesday to find out when the month of Shawwal starts. Usually the crescent moon is only seen when a number of conditions are met.

The National Institute for Astronomical Research in Egypt has die most important conditions for seeing the crescent moon are set so that the place of the survey is far from urban cities and bright places, and completely far from lights, and it is preferable to be on the border areas in To the west and far from oil wells, nuclear radiation stations and uranium enrichment as well as transmission stations, oil refineries and refineries.

The Saudi astronomer, a member of the Arab Union of Astronomy and Space Science, was an Indian inspirer who said that despite the disagreements among Muslims, there were three days at the beginning of Shaban and two days at the beginning of Ramadan However, Eid al-Fitr will be on Thursday May 13th.

He also pointed out that die astronomical crescent numbers die Ability to view the crescent moon in the Arab countries and the Americas with a telescope to see what that means die most Muslims will unite as Eid al-Fitr on Thursday.

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