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How to Stop Spam in WordPress Comments?

One of the common problems that webmasters face is getting a lot of spam comments.
Such replies can also appear on social networks, and their number is increasing every day. Even WordPress with tons of features and capabilities faces this problem. While you cannot completely stop WordPress spam, you can use plugins, and various settings to reduce it or prevent it from being posted.

Among the most famous plug-in types is WordPress comment spam protection tools such as software by Cleantalk. If the number of replies is limited, you can delete them manually, but if there are many, this process may require unlimited time and effort. So, you need to apply effective methods to stop WordPress comment spam. In this review, we will share with you some methods to prevent such attacks.

How to Stop Spam in WordPress Comments

What is the purpose of posting spam comments?

Malicious replies are often posted by bots. The key purpose of this is to get higher ranks in search, as well as increase the number of clicks from real visitors. This will ultimately lead to higher profits. Thus, we can say that the main purpose of sending such content is to generate more profit.

There are many options to stop WordPress comment spam:

  • Disable comment section. In case your WP site is created in a way that you don’t require feedback, we recommend you disable it;
  • Switch on comment moderation. It means that replies must be confirmed by a moderator before they can be viewed on the site;
  • Identify words that require moderation. This means that if it is presented in any part of the comments, the feedback will be reviewed before publication. You can also control messages containing links;
  • Blacklist of replies. Spam comments usually include familiar keywords. You can include these words to your blacklist, and they will not appear on your site anymore;
  • Disable HTML in comments. Thus, people or bots will not be able to add URLs or malicious codes to their replies;
  • Add reCAPTCHA to your WordPress feedback forms. reCAPTCHA is a test developed by Google, which only real users can pass. You can add reCAPTCHA to the relevant section with a special plug-in.

How to Stop Spam Comments in WordPress

While you can stop website attacks using the plugins and methods mentioned above, there are other ways to try.


Spam replies can negatively affect your site, leading to lower traffic and rankings. Cleaning up spam comments can be a daunting task for users, and you need to apply various strategies for that. To stop an attack on your site, you can: limit the number of URLs posted; include spam words to the blacklist; use a comment moderator system; use plugins to protect against spam, etc. There are also many other ways to stop WordPress comment spam that you can use. Just don’t ignore malicious replies until it’s too late. Good luck!


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