How To Stream Movies On Your TV The Easy Way

It’s Friday night and you’re bored. You could go out to the bar, but it’s raining outside. What are some other things that you can do? Watch streaming movies on TV! This article will teach you how to easily stream any movie or television show from your computer onto your TV screen in high definition quality with little hassle.

Set Up A PC As A Destination Device

You may not need any cords or wires to make this happen. There’s an option to wirelessly connect your computer to a smart tv without too much hassle. You just need to do is set up your PC as a destination device and you’re set.

To do this, open up your streaming service of choice (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) on the computer you want to play streaming content from. Then look for an option that says “play on” or something similar and click it. Choose the TV as your destination device there.

After that go to settings and click on the “Project to this PC” option and voila. You’ve connected!

Use An HDMI Cable

An HDMI cable may be the simplest way to stream movies on your TV, but not everyone knows about it. You don’t have to worry about streaming errors or finding the right app for an HDMI cable streaming device. It just plugs and plays with any streaming box that has an HDMI port!

HDMI cables can be found at most electronic stores and streaming devices. You just need to make sure your TV and PC have an HDMI port. If that’s not the case, look for alternative options like the aforementioned destination device solution that many people use.

Get A TV WIth Built-in Apps

If you want to watch movies this way, you should invest in a TV with built-in streaming abilities. This way, you can stream movies from any streaming service that you want directly to your TV without having to hook up another device or use an external streaming stick.

When looking for a smart TV, there are certain things that you should consider such as the size of the screen and any other features that you may or may not need. While streaming movies from streaming apps are important, it’s also nice to have a TV with built-in streaming abilities if possible (and your budget allows).

Here’s a list of things you should consider:

  • screen size
  • colors
  • sound quality
  • brightness
  • manufacturer

Subscribe To A Streaming Service

A very simple way to get all your troubles out of the way is to subscribe to a streaming service. It is quick and easy to do, it can be done on your TV or computer, you will have access to thousands of titles that are updated every month, and there are even subtitles available for people who need them! There is no reason not to subscribe today.

Sign-up takes only about five minutes before you can start streaming and you don’t have to worry about limited selection. Every movie’s new release comes out with the streaming services first. Also, subtitles allow you to watch movies without any issues if English isn’t your first language or if you simply prefer different subs than what was originally recorded in the film itself.

It doesn’t cost too much, and you’ll have a wide choice of movies and series, all in one place. You can look into different streaming services available and compare prices to find the perfect fit for you!

Make Sure You Have Good Internet Connection

Streaming won’t work without you having a good internet connection. If you have a streaming device, make sure to check out your internet download speeds for streaming on the device’s website or in its manual.

If you’re streaming from an app instead of using a streaming box, go into settings and then general to see what kind of speed your phone is getting while connected to wifi (without being used). You’ll want that number at least doubled if not tripled when trying to stream movies with this service.

When your internet is not up-to-date, your video looks like something was wrong with it because it will keep loading and will not play smoothly.

Use Your Smartphone Or Tablet As A Remote Control

You can use your smartphone as a remote control to stream movies on your TV. There are apps that let you use it as a streaming device, which means you can watch anything from Netflix and Hulu to live television! Stream all the content available on your phone straight onto your TV screen.

Stream Movies On Your Laptop

Streaming movies on TV is the best way to spend a rainy afternoon. You can set up your PC as a destination device and connect it to the TV or use an HDMI cable to do the same. It’s also smart to get a TV with built-in apps and subscribe to a streaming platform where you’ll have all the movies to choose from. Always be sure to have a good internet connection and use your smartphone or tablet as a remote control. Enjoy your movies!

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