How to write an essay quickly?

How to write an essay quickly

If you’ve gone through the website and seen the quality of their work, you may think you can’t replicate it. Also, if you have used or have someone who has used them, you may wonder how almost supernatural their speed is. But what if we told you that you could reach those levels. You could also churn out quality essays quickly enough.

Yes, we are telling you that there is indeed a faster way to write essays. You may have noticed that some of your colleagues have it. So wouldn’t it be proper if you joined them? It doesn’t even matter if you don’t like essays. Tell you that not everyone likes writing essays; it can be too much work, but that shouldn’t be why you don’t write.

Your college grades ride on your ability to write essays with speed. So, congratulations in advance. You are the next fastest writer as soon as you follow these tips.

Where is the fastest way to write an essay

Where is the fastest way to write an essay

Choose An Environment That Helps

Before you begin to research or write your outlines, you need an environment that will allow you to work without distractions. Research is part of the writing process, and if you do it in a place where you get distracted, there’s a fat chance of you not researching well. Once you miss your way with the research, you can kiss a fast, well-written essay goodbye.

So, where could your super environment be? It can be anywhere as long as you are sure you wouldn’t get distracted at the place. Heck, it could even be your dorm room, especially if you don’t have an annoying roomie. You have? Oh boy! You could use the library, a coffee shop off-campus, or any other place you know will be good for you.


You are a quarter into the zone with the environment you have chosen. Now, let’s get into the work, shall we? Research is perhaps the most crucial part of your essay writing. It is what informs your outline and its content.

However, be warned. Research has a trap that could prevent you from writing. To prevent this, always set a time for your research, and your time should be reflective of the number of pages you want to write.

For instance, you can decide to spend about 45 minutes on each page you want to write. So if you are writing 6 pages, it will be 45 × 6 to give you 270 minutes. This equals 4 hours and 5 minutes. You may not use up to that amount of hours researching.


Now, let’s outline. You already have your research, and now you should write your outline. For your outline, you want to get out all the topics you want to write and list them. It doesn’t have to be perfect or conclusive. All it has to do is to give you enough juice you can use to start writing.

Write With Structure

The basic structure is the introduction which ends with your thesis statement, body, and conclusion. Here, it would help if you wrote your introduction last. Thinking about your intro could waste your time. You already know what your thesis statement is. So, write, and after you conclude, you have a bird’s eye view of the essay that will allow you to write the best introduction. And that’s it. Your essay is done.

Final Words

You are now part of the people that can write essays faster. How does it feel? Brilliant isn’t it. You don’t need to fear essays anymore. You are now its master.