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How will Beijing counter Washington’s unprecedented moves to curtail sales of advanced computer chips in China?

Washington is restricting access to China’s advanced electronic chip technology, described as an escalation in efforts to curb Beijing’s military and technological ambitions. What is the potential impact on Beijing?

The United States has taken unprecedented steps to limit the sale of advanced computer chips to China, steps that observers have seen as an escalation in efforts to curb Beijing’s technological and military ambitions.

On October 7, 2022, the Biden administration introduced a comprehensive set of export controls, including measures to isolate China from certain semiconductor chips and their manufacturing equipment.

Under the new rules, US companies must stop supplying Chinese chip makers with equipment that can produce relatively advanced chips unless they first obtain a license.

Analysts believe that behind these new measures, the United States is seeking to cut off the supply of vital technologies to China that can be used in important sectors such as advanced computing and weapons manufacturing.

The new rules also add control over certain semiconductor manufacturing components and parameters for the specific end use of certain integrated circuits or microcircuits. In other restrictions, US citizens and green card holders will also be prohibited from working on certain technologies for Chinese companies and organizations.

The US Department of Commerce said that export controls “restrict China’s ability to acquire advanced computing chips, develop and maintain supercomputers, and manufacture advanced semiconductors.”

Last year, the China International Television Network published a report titled “Battle of the Chips Between China and America… Who’s Laughing at the End?”, which said that the growth rate of the Chinese semiconductor equipment market reached 39%, reflecting the huge effort made by China.In Promotion domestic semiconductor production in recent years.

China’s Ministry of Finance has also issued decrees exempting chipmakers from import taxes on equipment and raw materials until 2030. Chinese tech giants have begun trying to develop their own chips…


What is the US goal in limiting China’s ability to acquire advanced computing chips?

And how might this affect China’s ability to manufacture devices and equipment based on these chips?

Among other things, we discussed issues in a new interview of the #Whats_New program with the media #Ashraf_Shehab

The guest of the meeting was Dr. Rabi Baalbaki, President of the Lebanese Professional Informatics Association in Lebanon.

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