Huawei Teases Electric Cars and Wireless Earbuds at Fall Season Launch Event

Huawei Launches New Products Including Electric Cars and Earbuds

During a highly anticipated launch event, Chinese telecommunications and smartphone giant Huawei introduced several new products. Instead of revealing details about its new phone or advanced chip breakthrough, Huawei showcased its first sedan and a high-end SUV, alongside the launch of new wireless earbuds. Notably, the earbuds come equipped with Huawei’s Kirin A2 chip, priced at around 1,499 yuan ($205).

The event, streamed live in Mandarin, left many internet fans disappointed as the phone’s absence was unexpected. Richard Yu, the executive director and CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group, who also oversees car operations, hinted at the beginning of the event that the company would not divulge further details about the phone.

The Glitzy Launch Event

The extravagant product launch, which at times sparked nationalist fervor among the online and in-person audience, commenced with an orchestral and choral performance of a song titled “My Dream” in Chinese. Additionally, Hong Kong celebrity Andy Lau delivered a short speech, highlighting Huawei’s luxury watch design.

However, the feel-good atmosphere surrounding Huawei’s and China’s tech capabilities did not result in any tangible announcement during the high-profile event.

Nevertheless, Huawei did release a new version of its smartwatch, a lighter and thinner tablet compared to the iPad, and a stylus that connects to the tablet via Huawei’s NearLink technology, similar to Bluetooth.

Interestingly, Huawei’s silence about its new phone coincides with the launch of Apple’s iPhone 15 in China, which began deliveries on Friday.

A Chip Production Breakthrough?

About a month ago, Huawei discreetly unveiled its latest smartphone, the Mate 60 Pro. Reviews indicate that the phone offers 5G download speeds, thanks to an advanced semiconductor chip.

The phone’s debut suggests that Huawei is capable of utilizing high-tech processes despite facing restrictions imposed by the United States.

According to analysis by TechInsights, Huawei’s Mate 60 Pro contains the Kirin 9000s chip, which was manufactured using an advanced 7 nanometer process by China’s Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation. Previously, this 7nm process necessitated an EUV lithography machine from Dutch company ASML, which has recently restricted sales to China. It remains unknown whether older machines or alternative procurement processes were involved in the latest chip production.

When questioned about TechInsights’ findings, Huawei did not provide any comments.

Under the pressure of U.S. sanctions that limited access to critical smartphone tech, including semiconductors and Google software, Huawei’s consumer business revenue has halved. The Trump administration began imposing restrictions on Huawei’s tech access in 2019.

The U.S. maintains that Huawei, as a Chinese telecommunications company, poses a national security risk due to alleged connections with the Chinese Communist Party and the country’s military. Huawei has consistently denied the existence of any such risk.

This year, Huawei expects to resume launching its flagship consumer products according to a “normal” schedule.

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