Huge fire. 37 dead in southern Bangladesh

At least 37 passengers were killed and others were injured in a massive fire that engulfed a ferry on the southern Suganda River, Bangladeshi firefighters reported.

Information added that the fire broke out around 3am Friday morning on the MV Avigan-10 ferry off the coast of Galukati District.

Fire officer Fadel Al-Haq said rescuers have so far recovered 37 bodies and rescued 72 injured passengers, noting that the rescue mission is continuing and the number of casualties is set to increase.

No news on cause of the fire.

many accidents

Ferry accidents are common in the country, often attributed to overcrowding and lax enforcement of safety regulations in Bangladesh, which is crossed by some 130 rivers.

Ferries are an essential means of transport, especially in the southern and northeastern regions.

In April, 25 people died after a ferry collided with another ship and capsized outside the Bangladeshi capital.

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