Huge growth in its production .. Is Tesla isolated from the semiconductor crisis?

It is expected that the Tesla plant in Shanghai, in China will produce 300,000 auto in the first nine months of the year, driven by higher deliveries at the end of the third quarter, which will end in late September, despite the global shortage of semiconductors, two sources told Reuters.

The plant produces Model 3 electric sedans and Model Y SUVs for domestic and international markets, including Germany and Japan.

According to data from the China Passenger Car Association, about 240,000 were shipped from the factory in the first eight months auto, many of which are intended for export. Tesla has not announced details on the production of the plant.

In August, an official from the region in where the Tesla factory is located stated that quest450,000 should be produced per year auto, of which 66,100 for export.

It is reported that Tesla only sold 499,550 auto electric last year.

Tesla is hiring manager for his team legal and external relations in China, where it faces public scrutiny in the country over data security and customer service complaints.

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