"human bath" Smart offers an experience you won’t be able to pass up after a long day!

If bubbles, rose petals, and scented candles aren’t enough to soothe you after a long day, your dream bath may be just around the corner.

Scientists in Japan are developing a “human bath” that cleanses your body while playing a relaxing video selected for you by artificial intelligence (AI).

This ultrasonic bath releases fast-acting water containing ultra-fine air bubbles that remove dirt from pores.

The design comes from Science, an Osaka-based technology company that makes shower and bath heads using this bubble technology.

The product, called “Project Usoyaro”, is expected to be completed by 2024 and then debut at Osaka Expo 2025. Its goal is to “wash the mind” and body, creating the most comfortable user experience.

The Usoyaro project was inspired by the Sanyo Electric egg-shaped ultrasonic bath displayed at the Osaka Pavilion at the 1970 Osaka Expo.

Reportedly, Yasuaki Oyama, head of the Science Council, visited the exhibition when he was 10 years old and was fascinated by the desire to invent.

The Sanyo bath filled with hot water automatically as soon as a person sat down, then 300 massage balls massaged his body, and supersonic waves removed dirt.

The user then dried off and the entire cycle took only 15 minutes.

However, it was not launched as a commercial product because it was still rare to shower at home at the time.

Sanyo continued to use this technology in its washing machines, which were the first of their kind in the domestic market.

Although it was always on his mind, according to the Asahi Shimbun, Oyama’s desire for soul technology was more akin to him personally.

One of his daughters had dermatitis caused by chlorine in tap water, meaning she couldn’t wash like the others.

About 20 years ago, he asked a friend to design a shower head that could be loaded with chemicals that break down chlorine as the water passes.

This helped his daughter a lot, and Oyama wanted to create a bathing regimen that could help other people with the same condition.

He learned from PBS that ultrasonic-generated microbubbles are used to clean electronic components.

After several years of development, Aoyama developed a washing technology that produced bubbles as small as three micrometers in diameter, removing dirt and chlorine from the skin.

In 2007, he founded Science, which sells “Mirable” shower heads for use at home and in hospitals around the world.

Oyama told Osaka TV that his company is currently developing a modern version of the “human washing machine”. This is for the Mirable product line, currently known as “Mirabus”.

He hired former Sanyo engineers Eiji Yamatani and Manatsu Ueda, as well as researchers from Osaka University.

and does Sample The current initial user sits on a chair and is then exposed to water and micro bubbles that remove dirt from their skin pores.

The chair also has a sensor attached to an electrocardiograph to measure heart rate.

Researchers are currently using this to monitor a user’s nervous system and see how relaxed they are while watching a video on a waterproof screen.

This data will be used to train AI, which will be able to automatically select the most comfortable content for the bather.

The team hopes that it will be used in hospitals and nursing homes as well as at home in the future.

Source: Daily Mail