Human Rights Watch: 78 people were victims of Houthi mines in Shabwa and Marib in two weeks

An independent Yemeni human rights observatory revealed on Friday that around 78 people were killed and injured following the explosion of mines planted by the Houthi militia, before being defeated by the three districts of Shabwa governorate and Harib district. in Marib, from the beginning of January.

The Yemeni Landmine Observatory reported monitoring 38 civilian and military deaths and the injuries of over 50 others due to heavy mines planted by the Houthis in the Bayhan, Usailan and Ain districts of Shabwa. In addition to the Harib district in Marib, in the period from January 1st to today.

THE team of engineers from the Saudi project to clean up Yemeni lands of “Masam” mines and from the National Mine Program (Ymak), continue their operations in the clearing areas and directions that have recently been cleared in Shabwa governorate. As well as in the direction of Harib in Ma’rib.

The Houthi militia planted various mines in Usaylan, Bayhan and Ain districts, west of Shabwa, before being expelled from a military operation led by the Brigades of Giants with the support of fighters from the Coalition to Support Legittimacy.

The National Mine Management Program, in previously, has warned people not to approach suspicious and dangerous areas until they are cleared and roads are opened and in safety by teams of specialized engineers.

He also pointed out that the Houthi militia has planted in an extensive and indiscriminate way of mines and explosive devices, urging the displaced not to return to their homes before having cleared the streets of the Houthi mines.

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